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Timeflies – After Hours

timefliesafterhours TimeFlies Album is available in ITunes and has fourteen tracks entitled After Hours. Where Timeflies uses some amazing features from T-Pain, Fabulous, and Katie Sky. The Song Monster that features Katie Sky’s amazing voice is deffently one of my favorites tracks released with the project. If your a fan of Timeflies this is a must purchase album as it is full of Cals amazing vocals in singing and in rapping! Then your brought numerous amount of Rez produced tracks that range from catchy, party , and or just chilling!

Timeflies Tuesday – Doin’ It Right

Timeflies mix of “Doin’ It Right” another smash Tuesday where Rez remixes produces from samples of popular songs. Then we get Cals Vocals to sing, and bring us rap whether its free-styling, topics, or written they kill every Tuesday!  So enjoy there remake of an awesome song and just think they do something to make us excited for every Tuesday!

Wiz Khalifa – Look What I Got On


Wiz Khalifa just killing this track, bringing us some sick flow, speed rap about his life. Telling him how he goes about a day in his first vers and then drops the hook about how he wears clothes no one else has, and if they spent as much as he did they’d be broke! Then the second vers he drops about how he gets things custom made, and his usual about Taylor Gang!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Falling Back

Cosmic Gate immediately bringing us that amazing electric beat with that old school techno type of vocals! This song talks all about  a relationship and much to how it loops in a circle like the way the song does. How they fall out of love and back into love over and over and drops on “fall in love” to a heavy melody as if to take you to that feeling of falling in love that happiness!

Lay Me Down – Avicii

Avicii just a master at what he does, always knows to pick amazing unique vocals that he mixes so perfectly… Always giving a feel good move your body vibe to all his music, the beat just makes you move your body! Mixes Crazy melodies while mixing tempos and adding in some moderate drops after those amazing vocals. OurDopeTracks will always listen to Avicii!!!!!!!!

Look Into My Eyes – Wiz Khalifa


“Look Into my eyes” by Wiz talking all about the hot new trend DAB, and how he wrote this song off it. Also the hook is about how you can tell everything about him from looking in his eyes, so he wears sunglasses so his haters can’t see his eyes. He saids “look into my eyes. He brings us that slow chill stoner beat, with that slow wiz flow about money and weed!

Or Nah/Cut Her Off Medley – Ty Dolla $ign, The Weekend, K Camp (Niykee Heaton cover)

I’ll admit it girls with beautiful voices make them eyes light up already, then you got her singing this song like damn girl! Niykee best known by OurDopeTracks as an phenomenal singer, first heard her in a remix to “we own it” with Sammy Adams,  Mike Posner, and Meek Mills, and what a track it was! Either way regardless I consider her a girl version of Somo, where she has got you singing songs you never thought you would be singing!

Hendersin – October Skies


Hendersin’s latest mix tape “October Skies” named after his favorite time of year. This tape uses so many different samples and is all produced by Henny himself. His passion for music is undeniable and his lyrics bring clever pun after clever pun! Hendersin is now looking to sign with some labels and if he does watch out, because taking his skill set and mashing that with some top notch producers… Well he is gonna make some dope music. As long as he keeps creative control that is we know Hendersin will bring us that dope-ness are ears love to hear!

Kid Ink – Get You High Today


A Kid Ink Song about what? Smoking weed obviously his dedication to smoking and making good music is something we can’t deny! Taking people and he is gonna get them high today as he breaks down the plan and weed lingo through out his vers(es).  Just Dope on Dope bars just take a listen and really take in each line, if your a stoner all you’ll have to say is word. Kid Ink Got You All The Time!