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Saint Case – Sleep


Saint Case,  just a young artist on his mission to shock the world bringing us the track “Sleep”. Just brings us that clean old school vibe with clean well put together lyricism.  Mocking some other flows that are being used around the game lately and telling us that he is about to bring that Dope Rap/Hip Hop feel with his music. OurDopeTracks is all about different styles and skill sets and we are excited to watch as Saint Case grows in not just fan base but in his music! Don’t be Sleeping on him because we know that well be along for his ride and hope we can see him do some shows around us soon!

Jitta On The Track – FTW Ft. Cam Meekins & Sonny Shotz


Talking a bout Jitta was gonna do next and he drops “FTW” featuring artist Cam Meekins & Sonny Shotz. His new and upcoming mix-tape entitled ” Bipolar ” set to drop soon! He drops this track for the F**k of it and Jitta starts it off right with his flow being on point.  Cam Meekins is someone we remember hearing of during his early career after seeing him open an a show, and its good to see him again working with a dope artist like Jitta. While Sonny Shotz  is bringing us a unique style and flow with his verse. Overall Jitta kills this track and glad this track is by him so OurDopeTracks can support him. Dope.

Astronaut – Champions (Ft. Harry Brooks Jnr)


These Vocals them self make for an EARGASM and then you mix it with that beat just Oh Mah God. Harry Brooks Jnr vocals where made to work with Astronaut and the type of beat he creates to enhance them! We could listen to this song on repeat all day and this track is insane. These two artist deserve to feel like champions after bringing us this track, with this story told by the vocals of being champions is equally as uplifting as the beat. Put these two things together and OurDopeTracks was blown away, so please keep up the dope music!

Knock You Out (Flaxo Remix)


DAMN bringing Trap to an already dope song and making it even da da doper! The amazing vocals from the song “Knock you Out” Sped up and leading us into that Trap Drop! Rev up Bpms which is something Flaxo nailed bringing us a GEM. The more and more trap we hear the more hooked OurDopeTracks is becoming on them so keep them coming!

SoMo – My Little Girl

A whole different style of Somo not remixing any hip hop but taking the song “My Little Girl” originally  sung by Tim McGraw. Just Somo singing with an amazing voice and singing a song that brings some real meaning. A Dad (not Somo) sining about their daughter and how she is beautiful in all ways and should chase her dreams but he will be their for her at home in the end. A Beautiful song in general and still remains beautiful with Somo’s amazing voice!

Flosstradamus feat. Waka Flocka Flame – TTU (Too Turnt Up)

Trapppppppppppp music makes you wanna TURN UP, with this track by Flosstradamus featuring Waka Flocka Flame. Some Crazy dope sounds used to create this trap beat. Almost brings some of that a harder version of the song a-milli type of feeling. Then we got some of Wacka Flocka Flame rapping over these crazy sounds mixing together some of that rap with some of that trap to please both genres with this hit! Lets Get Trappy!

ZHU – Faded (ODESZA Remix)

An ODESZA Remix that will be out on June 29 for his upcoming project “Mind of a Genius”.  All angles of this track give me goosebumps, the sounds, the bass, the vocals just everything! A mix of the original song with smooth soothing vocals that are easy on the ears. Then you have this amazing melody met with basses and claps that keep you having to press replay! OurDopeTrack is personally excited to see more of ODESZA and what their capable of cause if they keep dropping Gems like this, well just Dope Dope Dope!

David Guetta & Kaz James – Blast Off

What an initial vibe as we are met with some intense rock type feeling beat. Then where met with some of Kaz James Vocals and his unique voice and accent. Then it drops into that David Guetta type of feeling he usually brings ramping up his BPMS and Bass sounds right after that drop. The Video is also unique in itself bringing a cartoon comic book vibe through out the whole thing. It also just brings intense sometimes random irrelevant images to screen that make this for a intense interesting watch, but defiantly a good listen!

SevnthWonder – Memories


Im not usually one for posting just instrumentals but the feel good vibe on this track is dope. Kinda gives you that feeling like your floating on a cloud just in the sky passing other clouds! SeventhWonder bringing us a dope track that is full of amazing sounds that are like heaven to your ears! Definitely a must listen if your in need of something to just close your eyes chill and  lift your mood!

Mike Stud Vs Hoodie Allen – “Battle”


The Hoodie Allen Dis track towards mike stud, and to be honest this had me rolling in the beginning during the singing/mocking, but the rap/flow of it was actually extremely basic/shitty.

As For Mike Studs Side The rap flow/dis game was on point much like an actual rap battle.

As an overall look this is just hilarious on all ends, both artist make points that are probably true in there verses, but honestly who the F**k cares. Like hate each other yeah called a hater, and just cause the other person is famous does not mean you need to throw a dis track out haha. Either way the fans are the real winners laughs on both ends. I know I got a good laugh, but think they should probably just squash this bull-s**t and both do their own thing and not give a F**k about the other persons existence.

Some Bonus for the Hoodie Or Stud Fans (or both and don’t give a S**t about two dudes being mad about nothing)

Hoodie Allen Fans

Hoodie Brings some Dope Flows and speed in this track and it is just the track that got this battle started.

Mike Stud Fans

Mike Stud with some chill slow rap flows as his intro into this battle.

Check Out Mike Studs Thoughts : Here