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CASUALTY – Swift ii (prod. ose)


OSE, Legoo an artist who came to us and told us his dreams of making music and that he was working on some big stuff. As the days went by and we waited patiently only to be met with satisfaction of a DOPE beat, smooth vocals, and ofcourse dope lyrics. This song just has some vibes that go with it, that just let it all go type feeling and brings an amazing hip hop style. The quality of the beat is on point with every melody mixing in so flawlessly with the vocals. OSE hears magic in his head and brings that to life and straight into our ears. Talented in multiple categories of music and still on the path of growing, and growing his music is. He is going to do some big things so stay tuned because OurDopeTracks will be tuned for the whole ride!

Wiz Khalifa – Promises

Wiz brings us a baby maker with his new track “Promises”. This song has a nice and slow melody, and soft simple lyrics about being in a relationship. He talks about just getting “caught in the moment” with someone and keeping the promises you make when your in a relationship or in his case a marriage. This is just some real shit from Wiz, like normal paints a picture of his life in his music and doesn’t care for what other people think witch is so dope! Even though this song is a change of pace from most of his other music still a great song so sit back and enjoy!

TST, Moguai & Amba Shepherd – Real Life

What a dope song! TST, Moguai & Amba Shepherd start us off with some unique electronic sounds mashed with some beautiful voice that you just cant beat! This song captures being in a moment so great that you actually start questioning if what you are feeling is real life or just a dream! The first time i heard this song gave me the same exact feeling of being at the top of a roller coster about to drop, witch is the best! This track brings an uplifting vibe and has a great feel to it making it without a doubt a MUST LISTEN!

Wiz Khalifa – You and Your Friends ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Snoop Dogg

Is it just me or is everyone else loving that new Wiz! This song absolutely captures that new school flow but is mixed with some old school bars making this song one of a kind. Ty Dolla $ign sings a dope hook setting the tone for this whole song so of corse you know Wiz and Snoop are going to be going in! Khalifa gives us those smooth sounding vocals on this track. His voice is so clean and catchy i dont think its possible not to love! Snoop has been making a real comeback lately taking us back a couple years with some slow spitting over some old school sounds. OurDopeTracks is going to be seeing Wiz this weekend and we cant wait! Should be a dope concert and this track just got me amped!

JACKAL & CRNKN – Bubblegum (Tropkillaz Remix)

Always Gotta Bring a Little Bass into your life. Here it is in a sick trap style thats has an awesome club vibe building up to a unique and almost exotic melody.This song has some dope high pitched keyboard tones followed by some deep brass instruments. Talk about a crazy style that you can obviously tell is trap! Meanwhile in the second drop after the hook your met with a whole new vibe. Just sit back, press play, bump the bass, and let your mind go for a ride! Music has some awesome abilities, lets go!

The Pitcher – Savor Time (Aero Chord Remix)

Trap is here again and yeah, we’re happy about it! Unlike a lot of tracks “Savor Time” brings us some soft vocals and a nice chill vibe. Aero Chord really hits us with a dope remix, and how can you not love this dope trap vibe. The sounds this song brings makes your mind feel like its going through a crazy maze of awesomeness! This remix wraps two styles into one amazing song that has you feeling so good. This is one of those up lifting songs that makes you feel like you can do anything, and be honest if you heard this in the club you know your going to do some work!

Cosmic Gate with Jonathan Mendelsohn – All My Life

Cosmic Gateeeeeee bringing us some of that dope dope MUSIC, and with a little help from Jonathan Mendelsohn and some amazing vocals we get another dope track “All My Life”. As it starts off melodic with a move your body vibe that falls into these amazing vocals that sooth the soul. Five minutes and fifteen seconds of lets go music everything you could want in a song. Dope Vocals, Dope Drops, Dope beat, Dope Artist, and so the bottom line is just Dope.


Sick Individuals – Wasting Moonlight

Heres a DOPE new track by Sick Individuals called “Wasting Moonlight”. It kicks off with some dope vocals, followed by that good feeling vibe and an upbeat tempo. This song tells the story about only needing the slightest thing to make everything seem ok, “Give me just one reason, such as watching the moonlight”.  Just a soulful song filled with amazing sounds, vocals, and concept behind all of it. Sick Individuals has been killing it and bringing that style that has been growing on OurDopeTracks. Dope Vocals, Amazing Beats, Lets Go!

Alison Wonderland – I Want U (GANZ Flip)


Another Dope Track Found with Alison Wonderland, but this time its a Ganz Flip, but just man oh man this is a must listen! These Vocals are so damn SICK, they are heaven to the ears in general before even being met with the dope electronic melodies. Carrying small portions of vocals through out the entire track and flawlessly mixing them into these melodies just ugh. LETS GO, These electronic producers are always on point and bringing us Doper and doper sounds that OurDopeTracks just can not get enough of! Its like love at first note, lmao but seriously if you never heard of them or do not follow them after this gem you better. End of Story.

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Au5 – Follow You (Rootkit Remix)


RootKit Back on That Magic Flow, well of making music that is! Bringing us a Au5 Follow you remix and it is Dope AF, with such chill vocals brought into this dope genre of Electronic music. Rootkit’s ear for taking a good song, and making it so much better is what we love to hear! “Follow You” shows off some serious talent from RootKit and as long as the music you drop for us is on this level or better you will be getting posts! The Drops, Mixes, and placement of everything in this track is on  point and gives off such amazing feel. Enjoy and Stay Tuned to see what else Rootkit can bring to us!