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Hopium – Right Now


Another New Dope artist to ourdopetracks is Hopium and this track “Right Now” which is FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! The vocals and the vibe of this track is on point. As it bring us that upbeat feeling of wanna to hold down your girl who keeps making excuses for not being around you! One of the dopest lines “Maybe Im’a Dick, But your no saint either” so don’t blame someone for things you have done as well especially when there still working hard for things to work out in the end! The beat is also fire and just gives off such a vibe to your ears that makes this song need to be on your summer repeat playlist! Give these two a listen sit back and appreciate the dope music we hope to see them keep dropping for us!

Alison Wonderland – Run (Wildfire Remix)


Its been awhile since we  brought you guys that EDM trap style so here wego with a dope remix of and Alison Wonderland remix of the song “run” by WildFire! This song is fire with Alison’s smooth use of vocals mixed into that upbeat trap style flawlessly and smooth enough to blare on repeat. New to that WildFire style we know we where instantly hooked after hearing this song just has that dope sense to it and taking the best part of the lyrics to carry that meaning that is only emphasized by the beat and its drop! Kudos WildFire keep up the dope work so we can keep sharing you with our fans, The OurDopeTracks Team!

Crichy Crich x HiRez – Trip (Prod. by Tincup)

crichy crich

Crichy Crich brings us a little of that merge style a track mixing some Trap and Rap. Lets Go, Dope Bars, and a crazy exotic beat making for a dope track and a MUST LISTEN. The beat alone is enough to grab you attention and pull you in for a listen, then your hit with some nice clean bars. I would love to see more people bringing a style like this to the game. Crichy has grabbed OurDopeTracks attention and support, we will be following up on him daily for new releases!

JACKAL & CRNKN – Bubblegum (Tropkillaz Remix)

Always Gotta Bring a Little Bass into your life. Here it is in a sick trap style thats has an awesome club vibe building up to a unique and almost exotic melody.This song has some dope high pitched keyboard tones followed by some deep brass instruments. Talk about a crazy style that you can obviously tell is trap! Meanwhile in the second drop after the hook your met with a whole new vibe. Just sit back, press play, bump the bass, and let your mind go for a ride! Music has some awesome abilities, lets go!

The Pitcher – Savor Time (Aero Chord Remix)

Trap is here again and yeah, we’re happy about it! Unlike a lot of tracks “Savor Time” brings us some soft vocals and a nice chill vibe. Aero Chord really hits us with a dope remix, and how can you not love this dope trap vibe. The sounds this song brings makes your mind feel like its going through a crazy maze of awesomeness! This remix wraps two styles into one amazing song that has you feeling so good. This is one of those up lifting songs that makes you feel like you can do anything, and be honest if you heard this in the club you know your going to do some work!

Aazar – Jigglin

DAMN, TRAP CITY BABY! Lets Go as where met with some basic lyrics about ass and much remind me of “Wiggle”. But instead of some singing and Snoop we are just met with dope plays of this vocals and crazy TRAP Sounds.  Bringing in some unique and original sounds in some quick AF Bpms. Like when this song plays idk how any one on a dance floor could not be “jiggling” their ass. Haha. Seriously tho this is one for the trap and ass lovers, as we see songs with similar content on complete opposite sides of the music spectrum! Here at OurDopeTracks WE LOVE IT ALL THOUGH!

Hex Cougar – Internet Crush


Internet Crush this song is just epic just the melody captured with such a unique style of sounds. Then straight into a slower one with soft vocals in the background and light “star-y” type of sounds. The sounds used to create this song instantly can change your mood and need to listen to this track over and over again. Your ears do not lie to you when you hear something amazing and pleasant to them! Dope Music as Trap grows more and more on the OurDopeTracks Team and we hope to keep seeing more and more. So expect more and more from us!

Alison Wonderland – Lies


Alison Wonderland bring us lies, so never tell us lies and we wont this track is some of that Dope Trap <3 Just such catchy beat with such a simple sample of never tell me lies that just works so well together. This track uses unique verbs and echoes on the sample to change up the sound and vibes to this track. It just puts you into a “trap-ped” state of trance, and is defiantly a good listen fora dope  simplistic trap feel.

Carnage ft. Migos – Bricks (Party Thieves & Clips x Ahoy Figgity Bootleg)

Trap Nation is right just the noise selection used to define this genre  gets you feeling good right away. Brings us such unique melody lines merged that with some cray vibe vocals for a mind blow of a listen. Talk about bringing in rap with dope sounds for an trap optimized version of music. Bringing different styles of music into trap is awesome getting that trap sound that is so dope, but being able to hear your favorite songs with it, Lets Go Stay Dope!

Knock You Out (Flaxo Remix)


DAMN bringing Trap to an already dope song and making it even da da doper! The amazing vocals from the song “Knock you Out” Sped up and leading us into that Trap Drop! Rev up Bpms which is something Flaxo nailed bringing us a GEM. The more and more trap we hear the more hooked OurDopeTracks is becoming on them so keep them coming!