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Niykee Heaton – Infinity / Say Yeah

A nice double post from Niykee Heaton with two of her latest songs Infinity and Say Yeah which carry different vibes. Both are produced and sang by Niykee herself. The multi talent artist has also been blowing up Instagram with her beauty and the slogan of “NBK” or natural born killers! Infinity brings us that love song vibe with a slow acoustic guitar accompanied with Niykee’s voice and how she could fuck with you for infinity! On the other hand Say Yeah brings us a more upbeat vibe with a dope beat and that vibe of saying yeah and doing what you wanna do. This girl is killing the game in music, looks, style, and so much more so if you have not heard of yet give her a listen and check out some more from her as she is on a roll. She has been killing it since “We Own It” Remix with and keeps bringing us that Fire Fire Fire!

Hopium – Right Now


Another New Dope artist to ourdopetracks is Hopium and this track “Right Now” which is FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! The vocals and the vibe of this track is on point. As it bring us that upbeat feeling of wanna to hold down your girl who keeps making excuses for not being around you! One of the dopest lines “Maybe Im’a Dick, But your no saint either” so don’t blame someone for things you have done as well especially when there still working hard for things to work out in the end! The beat is also fire and just gives off such a vibe to your ears that makes this song need to be on your summer repeat playlist! Give these two a listen sit back and appreciate the dope music we hope to see them keep dropping for us!

Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4 (Full Album 2015)

Jason Derulo drops his new album called “Everything is 4” full of tons of dope songs and dope features! This features include  artist such as K. Michelle, Meghan Trainor, Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Matoma, and Julia Michaels! Along with cranking out some dope originals such as “Want To Want me which was a pre release off of this album and “Try Me” which featured Jennifer Lopez & Matoma  which was also a pre release but are both sick tracks! These both contain his amazing voice and a move your body catchy melody! This whole album is dope and is something you need to give a listen if you have been a Jason Derulo fan since his first music tracks such as “Watcha Say” this album is for you so check it out and the playlist below! If you need this album support your boy and pick it up here!

The track list includes:

1. Want To Want Me
2. Cheyenne
3. Get Ugly
4. Pull Up
5. Love Like That (Ft K. Michelle)
6. Painkiller (Ft Meghan Trainor)
7. Broke (Ft Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban)
8. Try Me (Ft Jennifer Lopez & Matoma)
9. Love Me Down
10. Trade Hearts (Ft Julia Michaels)
11. X2CU

and can  be picked up here!

Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma – Try Me

Some dope singers come together to drop this track “Try Me” full of some sweet melodies and great vocals. That you need that significant other to “try you” and give you that chance cause you know you would be perfect together. That typical way you wish you could tell your crush just sing it to them so perfectly to just make them understand all them feelings in your head! This song is on point to describe that girl or guy your thinking about and just need the opportunity to show them you can be everything they want! Bring that into this summer time vibe and feeling of the instrumental they brought into this magic track we can play on repeat!

The Weeknd – Often (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Killing “The WeekEnds” song, yes yes we get often in that wonderful Somo style. Yet another bang bang rendition that keeps us coming back for more. This style just brings all are favorite songs into a whole new genre for those who don’t enjoy hip hop and rap can still get a taste of the magic. Somo knows how to bring us to the other side of the spectrum and we honestly think he could take any song made from Eminem, to T-swift, and even to a Linkin Park Genre and still make us that ear pleasing on point magic! He has been dropping this free music for his entire career and shows no signs of stopping any time soon, and that is some dedication. Along with that it shows his love for the music and we hope he makes this magic til the day he hits his tomb.


Rihanna – Four Five Seconds (Rendition) by SoMo

Yesssssss! This song was so catchy but just felt like it was missing something and Somo adds that touch for us! Just taking this song into a soft acoustic feeling adds so much more feelings into the song rather then that upbeat original. It remains that same catchyness  style just changed to male vocals which are slowed/modified to that Somo style we have come to enjoy time after time again. Time after time he takes a greatest hit and makes it a repeat hit with that getting well known Somo Rendition!

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Rendition) by SoMo

F@#$ Yes, to Somo’s Rendition of this song “Love me Like you Do” where he  brings this into such a slowed down version backed by some slow piano. This dude knows exactly what songs he needs to bring into his style and which songs he gets inspired from the same way we do. With this exception of he can go into his studio room and sing the track in his own way like no one else does. Remember these just keep us going and loving Somo until he drops he real projects full of awesome originals!

Prince Royce – My Angel [Official Video – Furious 7 Soundtrack]

Another Track off that Furious 7 track list “My Angel” by Prince Royce only lead you to wonder how this songs gonna fit into the movie! Just has that upbeat love song style that can be played during a dramatic scene. Just utilizing his voice and sings in such unique way that makes me think a bit of “Neo” just so soft and then drops into this uplifting hook that brings the song together as a hole and makes it a great listen. This video also brings you the entire track list for the entire movie of Furious 7.

Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World (Rendition) by SoMo

I don’t know about you but the lyrics written by Big Sean brought into this Somo style is actually MAGIC. This rendition is one of the best I have ever heard. It gets me on that inspired level so I know i’m gonna be hitting that studio tonight! “One Man Could Change The World” so remember that every one can make a difference  and that you can use your dreams and your passions to make that Magic a reality! Change the world doing what you love just remember to give back, inspire, and just be happy, so just do your thing.  Somo got us hooked with these renditions and we hope he keeps dropping these daily for as long as he continues his music career so except that new Somo here every time!

Enrique Iglesias – Let Me Be Your Lover ft. Pitbull

Bringing together two artist like this is awesome just upbeat live that good life singer and rapper combo! With Enrique Iglesias and Pibull bring us “Let me be you lover” which is just full of move your body type melodies, flows, and rifts! The video features both artist as dolls with strings dancing, driving, and talking to women worth a good laugh and watch as you even see Pitbulls doll twerk for split second! The overall song just about partying and making that girl feel special you know something to play right before your going to a party to pick up chicks that will get you ready to go!