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SoMo x Kirko Bangz – Don’t (Bryson Tiller Remix)

A DOPE COMBO of Somo and Kirko Bangz you know the fire is about to be REVEALED! Two dope singers come together for this remix/rendition of Bryson Tiller’s track Don’t and it is amazing! These two are so dope and apparently did a show together and man am I jealous i was not there! They both bring there unique but dope af voice together for the magic to happen, two dudes who can be known for their voices getting girls panties “wet”. With there music got people waiting to hear what comes next and we hope these two prep some more track together and keep it dope!

Adele – Hello (Conor Maynard & Anth)

THIS SONG… if you have not heard this cover yet you have seriously been missing out. This song has been streaming over Facebook and youtube blowing away everyone and gaining 3m on youtube and another 8M+ views on social media!  So much emotion is shared from both Conor and Anth in the singing and the rap and this is what really allows for a connection! They let us in on all levels and it brings this son to a whole new level. Power and meaning in your lyrics and voice meaning every word that comes out of your mouth makes a song so much stronger. Could blast this song on repeat because of the feeling it gives off we hope these two keep working together and we got some hints they are so stay tuned and stay excited!

My Life II

New Somo Original Album “My Life II” Peep it here and support buy picking up your copy here! This dude is just magic on the track carries a dope message in every song along with sick melodies and dope vibes! If you have not give this dude a listen its about time you do he is constantly brining his fans new music for free so when he does drop something original and made all by him he deserves that support! The main subject and muse of must of Somo’s songs in thies album are women and so many different emotions wrapped around them! Each track just as dope as the last and brings a whole new vibe with it so give each song a listen and we promise you wont be disappointed at all!

TimeFlies – Fight Song & Guilty

Another Double post for Timeflies this time also bringing us their usual Tuesday along with a dope original! This time two upbeat songs as guilty has a crazy vibe about being guilty no matter what so why not just admit it regardless if its true! A nice true touch for how some girls and react Rez & Cal on point with this track! Then your hit with their Tuesday song and its a remix of Fight Song which I recently heard on the radio it was a favorite song for a young 10 year old cancer patient and the original singer visited him and sang it with him! Awesome! and then only to come home and hear one of my favorite artist drop a dope remix with a freestyle in it just fantastic!

The SoMo Medley & Calvin Harris/Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Rendition)

A Nice double post from Somo to bring OurDopeTracks! Sorry for the hiatus we where just enjoying our last bit of summer and fantasy drafts! Now we are back on the grind to keep your music up to date and DOPER then ever so stay tuned for that Fire! Somo brings a soft touch in both these tracks as one of his own and a dope rendition of “How Deep Is Your Love” which his voice just brings it to a whole other level that blows the original out of the water Like C4 in a pool! Then The melody is a soft touch song he self wrote and sings it like no body else come run your fingers along my body cause no body has that touch! This dude brings love songs and songs about ladies to a whole other level that makes them females beg for more and more of his music! But lets be honest would would not want more Somo because his voice is just clean and well simply amazing!


Chase Rice – Gonna Wanna Tonight (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Brings us that Rendition of a Love song by Chase Rice called “Gonna Wanna Tonight” which has some amazing lyrics! One of those songs you can already tell every country girl in the world has been jamming out to in the trucks. Brought into a more general genre by Somo and listenable through all of music as his voice just excels at taking song to a whole new level! If you get the opportunity to see this dude live take it as his tour dates are listed on the video. A real singer sounds just as great live as in his music videos so expect him to be on another level of dope up on that stage bringing that real live emotion into every track he sings!

The Weeknd – The Hills (Rendition) by SoMo

Hit us with another rendition of “The Hills” by The Weekend and he does it more the justice as usual! This dudes voice always brings you that dope vibe and there is no body else like him who can kill every genre. On top of killing all of the remixes that he does he also kills all of his own original tracks. No matter how famous he is getting he still remembers his fans and drops use these fantastic renditions of hot tracks, Kudos Mr.Somo you have our respect and always have since day one. So just keep on killing the game and doing your thing and no ones gonna stop you, and the bigger you get the better the sound will come out… Lets Go!