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Machine Gun Kelly – General Admission

Another Track off the latest MGK album which if you have not heard yet we suggest you give this MOTHER F&%#er a listen because it is just Volcanic level of fire. Check out track fire which comes in at 00:15:20 – Bad Mother F*cker (feat. Kid Rock). These two bring rock and hip hop/rap together and it works wonders! That kid rock instrumental and hook style met with some funky vocal effected MGK verses which content is just always on point. Also the real version of track nine comes in at 00:29:32 of Gone (feat. Leroy Sanchez) and these two track make the album worth a buy alone not even mentioning the rest of the fire so check it out and make the call yourself cause we are in 100% cause MGK keeps it 100.

Waka Flocka Flame – Game On (feat. Good Charlotte) [From “Pixels – The Movie”]

This Song is crazy dope as the theme song from the new movie coming out “Pixels” all about video games sent to destroy the world! Waka Flocka Flame does this song massive justice dropping us sick verse after sick verse that relate to the movie filled with puns, double rhymes and so much more! You also get hit with an amazing beat and hook dropped from Good Charlotte and more and more are we seeing this merge of different genres to bring FIRE tracks! Referring to this is not a game as in movie it is real life as the video games are taking over life and we should be afraid cause we are the ones who made them! Along with a dope track you get a peep at the trailer and makes for a sick video to watch so definitely give this track a listen and watch and get amped for this movies release!

Linkin Park – Final Masquerade

New Linkin Park… Leggo some of that old school music that everyone new and they are still at it bringing us amazing music! Just great rock music with an amazing vocalist and band who has just been doing what they love for years now! This band is capable of so much as hearing some of there old stuff, to New Divide to this new track “Final Masquerade”.  Linkin Park is just a band when they come on you instantly know who it is and the only thing your thinking is awesome!