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Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Rendition) by SoMo

F@#$ Yes, to Somo’s Rendition of this song “Love me Like you Do” where he  brings this into such a slowed down version backed by some slow piano. This dude knows exactly what songs he needs to bring into his style and which songs he gets inspired from the same way we do. With this exception of he can go into his studio room and sing the track in his own way like no one else does. Remember these just keep us going and loving Somo until he drops he real projects full of awesome originals!

Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World (Rendition) by SoMo

I don’t know about you but the lyrics written by Big Sean brought into this Somo style is actually MAGIC. This rendition is one of the best I have ever heard. It gets me on that inspired level so I know i’m gonna be hitting that studio tonight! “One Man Could Change The World” so remember that every one can make a difference  and that you can use your dreams and your passions to make that Magic a reality! Change the world doing what you love just remember to give back, inspire, and just be happy, so just do your thing.  Somo got us hooked with these renditions and we hope he keeps dropping these daily for as long as he continues his music career so except that new Somo here every time!

Sam Hunt – Take Your Time (Rendition) by SoMo


New Somo rendition of Sam Hunt’s song “Take Your Time” where he just sings it to his own unique twist. Just giving it a little Somo flare and lets him keep all his fans happy week after week with some of their favorite songs. Just a great voice doing a great cover/rework of hit songs. As an artist on the rise its nice to see him still giving out so much free music and it shows as his fan base continues to grow and grow.  First heard this dude from my friend back in his whip which he just traded in, which we use to just take long drives at night and just vibe to his Take Care Rendition.

SoMo – Or Nah (Rendition)

Somo finally bringing us the track we have seen so many people requesting him to sing, and well he kills it. On point, as he adds his unique voice and twist to a hit song and toast this one up to the ladies. As Somo drops the “Or Nah” rendition that is a so called “get your girl wet” type or track content to the amazing vocals. He somehow always knows how to tweak a song in such a way to make it his own time after time. For example taking a hot song and making it hot again is hard, but not  when you can sing like Somo. He can match any style and take it re-work it and BOOM magic happens time after time again. Somo has been keeping his music dope and on point lately with these renditions.

Echosmith – Cool Kids (Rendition) by SoMo

“Cool Kids” rendition of the popular song by Echosmith and a rendition by Somo. The song is about living the good life that the so called cool kids are living. and the more Somo blows up the more and more he will fit in this role of a “cool kid”. He will be getting cars, money, a house,  friends, and most importantly fans. As Somo’s last album hit first on Itunes! Lets gooooooooooooo support this kid and his amazing voice and talent. OurDopeTracks has been listening and enjoying his dope music for years now. So if your not on board yet we promise we he covers one of your favorite songs you will be on board, and well that is a promise!

Ben E. King – Stand By Me (Rendition) by SoMo

Another Somo Rendition where you can just close your eyes and let your worries be taken away for that two minutes and thirty two seconds. Just peaceful melodic instrumental with Somo’s amazing vocals can just take you to a different place! Taking Ben E. King’s song Stand By Me and turning it into more Somo Magic! So if your having a bad day just put some Somo Singing in your ears and well everything is just a little bit better now!

DJ Khaled – Hold U Down (Rendition) by SoMo

The singer at it again this time with a DJ Khaled rendition of his song “Hold u Down” where he slows down sings and show off his range! Somo and artist made to do big things as he touches so many different ranges in music and hopefully can bring people who enjoy different styles of music together. Smooth Vocals is something you get in every song no matter what style he leads you into.  Singing softly the content of holding her down and man does it work. It makes Somo sound unlike anyone else and OurDopeTracks has not heard anyone who does what Somo is capable of doing. We just hope he stays on this path and keeps bringing us dope music for our ears to enjoy!

Tyrese – Sweet Lady (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo’s soft voice is back and looking for that “Sweet Lady” with this rendition of this song. He has us wondering what the thought process is for all these renditions as it seems that every time he hears a song he instantly knows how and what he is going to do with it. Somo is just the modern voice of upcoming singers, and can range in so many different genres.  Basically Somo is making “Girls panties wet” no matter what their a fan of, because lets be honest girls love a soft singer that makes em feel right. And well Somo is a master in this, as seen in this rendition (and every other one) that expresses feelings toward finding that perfect girl, and when Somo does find this girl who will be his muse… Just watch out, because it might bring him to a whole new level that no ones ever seen before, and as soon as Somo finds that girl who makes his heart skip a beat we are gonna hear some amazing originals!

Trey Songz – Na Na (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo one of those artist who no matter how big he is getting remembers his routes and bringing us renditions of so many dope modern songs! He is all about his fans and his amazing voice, and so should he be cause it is working! This Time as he brings us his voice and style to the song “Na Na”. Somo lately has been killing it as one of the artist who is continuously bringing us new music and renditions! An amazing singer is just pleasant to the ears and something you can listen to again and again.  Also when the actual song comes on and you have heard the Somo version it only makes you wanna go play that Somo version again!

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo is at it again, bringing us something beautiful that is sung with so much emotion in every word.  Which has us trying to sing along to such a deep meaning song about finding someone who is everything to you, and that all you need is them to stay with you to make everything better. This song itself is amazing but covered by Somo and his voice makes for absolute perfection because the emotion you can feel with each word as he sings them brings to song to life! Another Dope thing about Somo is that he gets inspired by all types of music such as hip hop or slow singing, and some how works them into these renditions that he makes quite often for the fans to enjoy… And guess what they are all Dope! Well with that being said it just makes Somo one of the Dopest artist we know, and have been listening to since the beginning. Now he has been on a roll to show the world!