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SoMo x Kirko Bangz – Don’t (Bryson Tiller Remix)

A DOPE COMBO of Somo and Kirko Bangz you know the fire is about to be REVEALED! Two dope singers come together for this remix/rendition of Bryson Tiller’s track Don’t and it is amazing! These two are so dope and apparently did a show together and man am I jealous i was not there! They both bring there unique but dope af voice together for the magic to happen, two dudes who can be known for their voices getting girls panties “wet”. With there music got people waiting to hear what comes next and we hope these two prep some more track together and keep it dope!

Adele – Hello (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo with an amazing voice can bring this song justice originally sang by adele. He brings this song into a guys voice and a little different type of vibe in this rendition. Its a little more upbeat and less emotion poured into the lyrics. A good change of pace and take on the song and might just be a solution for this song if your not too much of an Adele Fan. Always look forward to these Somo tracks and can’t wait to see what he covers next!

The SoMo Medley & Calvin Harris/Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Rendition)

A Nice double post from Somo to bring OurDopeTracks! Sorry for the hiatus we where just enjoying our last bit of summer and fantasy drafts! Now we are back on the grind to keep your music up to date and DOPER then ever so stay tuned for that Fire! Somo brings a soft touch in both these tracks as one of his own and a dope rendition of “How Deep Is Your Love” which his voice just brings it to a whole other level that blows the original out of the water Like C4 in a pool! Then The melody is a soft touch song he self wrote and sings it like no body else come run your fingers along my body cause no body has that touch! This dude brings love songs and songs about ladies to a whole other level that makes them females beg for more and more of his music! But lets be honest would would not want more Somo because his voice is just clean and well simply amazing!


Major Lazer – Lean On (Rendition) by SoMo

Another Somo Rendition for those Somo Sundays this time of the song “Lean On”! Always bringing these tracks in to his style and making them sound dope. Dedication goes a long way as he was dropping these renditions to blow up and now that he has he still drops them. This just keeps his day one fans loyal while adding new ones every track, because face it when you search your favorite songs and come across Somo singing them your basically hooked for life. No other singers in the game dare to venture across every genre and mange to bring them into their own inspired style and feeling they get from each song, and on top of that have each one be just as amazing as the last. Kudos Mr.Somo Kudos!

Jeremih – Planes (Rendition) by SoMo

A little late of a post but another dope song rendition by Somo as he does a Jeremih song aka “Planes”. This song all about that plane life and that the world is your as he can take you anywhere. That he gonna take you high because he is your pilot. Just some of that wonderful Somo voice with his usual content of woman which we often find in his rendition and he brings you songs and artist you would not normally listen too and makes it something you can play on repeat and sing along to regardless! Just another dope track by Somo let his voice take you up on that blimp so you can see the world how he does… give this song a listen and you wont be disappointed.

Chase Rice – Gonna Wanna Tonight (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Brings us that Rendition of a Love song by Chase Rice called “Gonna Wanna Tonight” which has some amazing lyrics! One of those songs you can already tell every country girl in the world has been jamming out to in the trucks. Brought into a more general genre by Somo and listenable through all of music as his voice just excels at taking song to a whole new level! If you get the opportunity to see this dude live take it as his tour dates are listed on the video. A real singer sounds just as great live as in his music videos so expect him to be on another level of dope up on that stage bringing that real live emotion into every track he sings!

The Weeknd – The Hills (Rendition) by SoMo

Hit us with another rendition of “The Hills” by The Weekend and he does it more the justice as usual! This dudes voice always brings you that dope vibe and there is no body else like him who can kill every genre. On top of killing all of the remixes that he does he also kills all of his own original tracks. No matter how famous he is getting he still remembers his fans and drops use these fantastic renditions of hot tracks, Kudos Mr.Somo you have our respect and always have since day one. So just keep on killing the game and doing your thing and no ones gonna stop you, and the bigger you get the better the sound will come out… Lets Go!

The Weeknd – Often (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Killing “The WeekEnds” song, yes yes we get often in that wonderful Somo style. Yet another bang bang rendition that keeps us coming back for more. This style just brings all are favorite songs into a whole new genre for those who don’t enjoy hip hop and rap can still get a taste of the magic. Somo knows how to bring us to the other side of the spectrum and we honestly think he could take any song made from Eminem, to T-swift, and even to a Linkin Park Genre and still make us that ear pleasing on point magic! He has been dropping this free music for his entire career and shows no signs of stopping any time soon, and that is some dedication. Along with that it shows his love for the music and we hope he makes this magic til the day he hits his tomb.


Rihanna – Four Five Seconds (Rendition) by SoMo

Yesssssss! This song was so catchy but just felt like it was missing something and Somo adds that touch for us! Just taking this song into a soft acoustic feeling adds so much more feelings into the song rather then that upbeat original. It remains that same catchyness  style just changed to male vocals which are slowed/modified to that Somo style we have come to enjoy time after time again. Time after time he takes a greatest hit and makes it a repeat hit with that getting well known Somo Rendition!

Usher – U Got It Bad (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo this time bringing us an usher rendition of the song”U got it bad” and it is on par with all of his renditions lately. Just again redoing songs into his style and adjusting them to fit his voice and making each one just as good and unique enough to have desire to be listened to on their own. Song carries great content and Somo’s soft singing adds to this and his voice and style fit this track amazing as he makes it sound so smooth and pleasant on the ears!