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Huey Mack – Pretending Perfection


Huey Macks  Pretending Perfections is some of the latest Huey we have heard in awhile! Where songs like 9-5 tell us his real type of feelings as the whole mix-tape tells his story! Just a young kid with a dream who is following it and rapping about how it is. Just brings us that view on his life, that he does not really give a S**t cause he is obviously doing something right! This mix-tape also has some amazing producers on it such Big Jerm known from mac millers kids days! Huey has the OurDopeTracks team support since day one and can’t wait to see what him, Mike Stud, and John Kilmer mix up together next!

JayCeeOh Presents: SAMMY ADAMS ‘WIZZY’


Sammy Adams Latest MixTape (Which Got Removed During the MisHaps) is Dope! “Best Kept Secret” and “You & Me” where early releases off this tape and they are some of our favorite songs off the project! Wizzy or Sammy’s original name before running into some issues with Wiz Khalifa, because his last name is Wisner. He has been killing the game infusing his rap with all different styles from party music to real shit! Every time hes bringing some magic to your ears since day one of I Hate College and then entire Boston’s Boy Tape! Well No Surprise that “Wizzy” is another routine full of magic music dropped by Sammy Adams! DownLoad Wizzy Here

Ganja (feat. Mod Sun)


Ganaja a track made for 4/20 about smoking weed, and uh well smoking more weed! These two rappers create an amazing track together for the stoner national holiday. Webby and the hook give you a chill type of Jamaican relax off the weed you smoke vibe. Then you have the verses about smoking and Mod Sun’s vers is just dope! He uses puns such as “green like wasbi”  and more dope puns about weed smoking! If you smoke weed, love weed smoking rappers, or chill rappers such as Webby and Mod Sun!