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Cymbalik & Thought – Autumn


Some Real Real Hip/Hop Rap storytelling and it is Dope like 100% you have to give this a listen.  This is that flow and type of music people are claiming it is missing well it’s not and this track proves that.  The story is about a young dude hustling is blow and making mistakes, but shows inspiration to want to turn around your life and that it is worth it. The lyricism really paints the story in your head and brings you into his reality. Soul filled hip hop is my favorite kind clever lyrics, amazing flow, and rapping from the heart rather then from the brain! Just A dope dope track from Cymbalik & Thought and they have ourdopetracks support!

Mike Stud – Closer (prod. Louis Bell)

Mike Stud drops the second hit off his upcoming album which drops on July 7th, and if the rest of his album compares to the two tracks we have heard we can tell the project is gonna be DOPE.  Where it will just bring us dope lyricism and flows that bring such a catchy vibe dope vibe. Mike is telling us the story and his worth ethic on this track called “Closer” and how it is helping him to get closer to where he wants to be in life. But he is only achieving this through hard work and dedication to his music! Also bringing us a dope visual of him hard at work, may not be studio work but hard at work no less. One more little thing is that it is directed by his good friend Jon Kilmer and what a duo those two make.

Kritikal feat. Precise – Latch (Remix)


Kritikal Drops a Dope track sampling and taking the hook of Latch to create this remix. The ability of taking that hook and bringing in his own hook that works so seamlessly with the original, and while also fits the content for that dope track. With the whole song being about finding the girl you want, and just explained through on point flows. Kritikal’s bringing us some sick sounding hip hop so  give him a listen because we know OurDopeTracks will be listening. We know he is only gonna get better!

Wiz Khalifa ft. Project Pat and Juicy J – KK

Wizzzzzz bringing us a new hit with Project Pat and Juicy J about that weeeeeeed. Bringing us steady kick drums with them wiz vocals you know, lyrics always on point with the weed puns and references. With the song name “KK” repeatedly used in the hook and used to substitute the word weed? All three artist are people know for smoking so it seems appropriate to bring them together on a track. All three bring us dope chill stoner verses we know in hip hop that go them to where they are chilling at the top now still smoking weed.

Sammy Adams – All Night Longer REMIX ft. B.o.B

Sammy Adams remixing his older smash hit “All Night Longer” and remixing it bringing in B.o.B. As they carry that catchy well known hook and sammy first verse, then where brought with a dope verse from B.O.B about partying and going wild. Then we get some new Sammy on a dope verse as well, and overall brings this remix to be a must listen for Sammy fans. Just one of his smash hits with new content and bringing some B.o.B like lets gooooooo bring us them summer hits Sammy or is it Wizzy now?

Steve Aoki – Free The Madness feat. MGK

Steve Aoki at it again working with them rappperrrssss and just bringing two famous people from different genres together! Lets Go Bring us some of our favorite rappers in the club/dance scene with the amazing amp EDC feeling Aoki brings every time. He just makes tracks that the beat itself is him trying to make you feel as amped as possible. Then your hit with just enough of some of your favorite and famous rappers vocals that are mixed in so well to get really get the vibes high! Kudos for this track just mixing us into a world of a new Genre that is dope!

Melt (feat. ScHoolboy Q) (prod. Pete Rock)


Some New music from Mac Miller song featuring School Boy Q called “Melt”. With all this slow chill stoner zone out type of instrumental with some simplistic free style like flows. With some solid lyricism as in creating rhyme schemes. Bringing that newer Mac Miller style of watching movies with the sound off. That new “only rap when I get to high type of flows” haha waiting/Hoping for Miller to Drop another “Donald Trump” type Gem soon!

Chris Webby – The Checkup


00 - Chris_Webby_The_Checkup-front-large 00 - Chris_Webby_The_Checkup-back-large

Finally This Webby MIx-Tape is here!!!!! This Tape has some dope production in beats and vocal editing from people such as A6, DJ Semi, and more. The focus of this mix tape message is that of course well weed, women, and Webby being better then everyone else. As in being a “non carbon copy” of all the other rappers. This Mix-Tape also has some dope features from other artist such as Jitta, Fat Trel, Joe Budden, Apathy, and Jon Connor! Overall this is just bringing us that dope chill vibe you would expect from a Stoner, but it also addresses Webby’s point of view and his way of thinking. One of the OurDopeTracks Favorite tracks off this tape is “Superhuman” where he is just explaining his child hood and how it led to his dream of rapping. And man are we glad he did because he is bringing us that dope hip hop style. This mix-tape is a must download if your a Webby fan, as it brings all of Webby’s styles from his previous tapes into one Tape.  All this with one exception though he is at highest level of his career and is constantly bringing better bars and song concepts.

Video For Screwed Up

Remember To Download The CheckUp Here



Tope Brings us a new Mini Ep that is like chicken wings, and is just the appetizer until his album is ready. Tope would like for the his fans to know how much that he appreciates all the support we have been giving him since 2014 and how much effort he is going to and is putting into the next album to make it a classic must listen daily. This mini Ep has four songs that is Tope just telling us how his life is through hip hop. He has some awesome producers like Trox, Steez, and Steward Villain creating some chill beats for Tope to rap over. If this album is promised to be better and more real then this mini EP OurDopeTracks can not wait to see what Tope is gonna bring us! 

Download it Here


Saint Case – Sleep


Saint Case,  just a young artist on his mission to shock the world bringing us the track “Sleep”. Just brings us that clean old school vibe with clean well put together lyricism.  Mocking some other flows that are being used around the game lately and telling us that he is about to bring that Dope Rap/Hip Hop feel with his music. OurDopeTracks is all about different styles and skill sets and we are excited to watch as Saint Case grows in not just fan base but in his music! Don’t be Sleeping on him because we know that well be along for his ride and hope we can see him do some shows around us soon!