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Hex Cougar – Internet Crush


Internet Crush this song is just epic just the melody captured with such a unique style of sounds. Then straight into a slower one with soft vocals in the background and light “star-y” type of sounds. The sounds used to create this song instantly can change your mood and need to listen to this track over and over again. Your ears do not lie to you when you hear something amazing and pleasant to them! Dope Music as Trap grows more and more on the OurDopeTracks Team and we hope to keep seeing more and more. So expect more and more from us!

Alison Wonderland – Lies


Alison Wonderland bring us lies, so never tell us lies and we wont this track is some of that Dope Trap <3 Just such catchy beat with such a simple sample of never tell me lies that just works so well together. This track uses unique verbs and echoes on the sample to change up the sound and vibes to this track. It just puts you into a “trap-ped” state of trance, and is defiantly a good listen fora dope  simplistic trap feel.

SevnthWonder – Memories


Im not usually one for posting just instrumentals but the feel good vibe on this track is dope. Kinda gives you that feeling like your floating on a cloud just in the sky passing other clouds! SeventhWonder bringing us a dope track that is full of amazing sounds that are like heaven to your ears! Definitely a must listen if your in need of something to just close your eyes chill and  lift your mood!

Louis Futon – Sir Rock

A Dope Track by Louis Futon called Sir Rock, which starts off with a slow relaxing intro and is followed by some snare-ish sounds! Then is dropped in wit some played with vocals, that make for a some sound, played in scales and in a xylophone sound. This track makes for a very uplifting vibe and creates such an awesome harmony by combining vocals as as part of the beat. Louis Futon bringing us some dope instrumental type music that you can just chill and vibe too!