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Dash Berlin & Rigby – Earth Meets Water

Dash Berlin & Rigby bring us a new track “Earth Meets Water” where you start off with some slow but powerful vocals!  Talking about the shore and how he is on the point of earth that the water touches and this is that beautiful feelings he gets from it, and man does the music match! This song can paint that scene for you and all you need to do is sit back close your eyes and listen.

Calvin Harris – Summer

SummerTime is here and Calvin Harris was ready with this track “Summer” Just bringing amazing harmonies with fast dance  music. Then your met with this chilling, relaxing, and unique sounding hook that you can’t help but be feeling! Talking about the girl he met in the summer and the video highlights some awesome footage of dope race cars and a strobe light pool part… I know that would get me excited for summer other then the warm weather that is!

Lay Me Down – Avicii

Avicii just a master at what he does, always knows to pick amazing unique vocals that he mixes so perfectly… Always giving a feel good move your body vibe to all his music, the beat just makes you move your body! Mixes Crazy melodies while mixing tempos and adding in some moderate drops after those amazing vocals. OurDopeTracks will always listen to Avicii!!!!!!!!