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Mau Kilauea Ft. Sol – Holiday Romance (Original Mix)


Starts of slow with some nice vocals but then it picks up into a sick melodic track full of upbeat rhythms that match the vocals and make this track into a banger! Just gives such good vibes and that summer time feeling, this track makes me want to take a trip to Hawaii and Hula Dance… hahaha. Seriously though give this track a listen to this tropical house track about taking one chance on that girl and share that night with no regrets! So we hope you find some “Holiday Romance” during your summer vacations this year!

Alesso – Sweet Escape ft. Sirena


Alesso bringing us that Fuego… yes yes STRAIGHT FUEGO on this new track Sweet Escape! Another upbeat summer track which utilizes amazing vocals from Sirena and perfectly mixed into the instrumental for a balance of straight amazing-ness. The smooth hook leads you right into the drop which takes your ears and body for a travel as it makes you wanna dance a move your body again again every time you here this track. Lets be honest we all need that “Sweet Escape” of Summer time and nothing can stop us from cranking this track and partying this summer! So Lets Go, and Keep It Dope!

Dom Rosenfeld & ENZ – Something About You


Bang Bang another Summer Jam dropped by Dom Rosenfeld & Enz with “Something About You”. This track brings us that groovy summer time vibe followed up with an amazing chorus that has lyrics which mimic the summer time groove! Safe to categorize this song into some house with amazing move your body melodies that can keep you dancing all day or night long. These artist are onto something and we hope they keep cranking out jams like this time after time again at there new home with Casual Jam Records! Support them and purchase this track from ITunes here and stay tuned to OurDopeTracks for more dope music like this!

Zedd – Beautiful Now (Audio) ft. Jon Bellion

Yes yes yes, finals End and out comes this banger, LET THE SUMMER ARRIVE, as artist will start to crank out those speaker blast worthy summer Bangers! And to start this off with two dope artist like Jon Bellion and Zedd  who together bring genius in melodies and genius in lyrics and when mixed and forced to collide it allows this song to bring you ears on a melodic journey.  So sit back relax and enjoy as these two bring you that magic! So now all that’s  left to do is wait for these two to keep bringing us more and more of that  new music, and wait for a chance to check them out live on tour! So remember to keep it dope much like theses two artist always do!

Krewella – Somewhere to Run

KREWELLA BACK AT IT, dropping us “Somewhere To Run” which can be picked up here! They also are working with artist Don Gilmore from Linkin Park and the Pegboard Nerds to create this new master piece which is only the start to their 2015 music! This song gives me almost and offspring style type of music which obviously is that Linkin Park influence, then there is that heavy dubstep feel that gets you vibing out that is provided by pegboard nerds, and finally you get the beautiful voice of Krewella! What a trio and what a journey it takes you through as you hit each part of the song and then how they work together so well to make this track and A+ and we on the look for much more from them soon!

Calvin Harris – Pray to God ft. HAIM

Calvin Harris brings another track with some smooth vocals and some upbeat sounds.  Ha also again brings us a semi crazy wild pointless video of three vampires and a random series of animals but hey its about the music anyway right? As for just giving it a listen definitely do as it starts off slow but once that drop hits and those bpms pick up the song takes you for a ride! “Pray To God” is a new song taken from the new Calvin Harris album Motion out which from this track we can tell is going to be full of Smash Hits. Show Calvin Harris some love and help him continue to do what he does and buy his music here!

I Feel So Alive (Matthew Parker U Remix)


This song is Dope from vocals to beat just gets you feeling good and can change your mood. Matthew Parker has been on a role lately with the tracks he has been dropping! “I Feel So Alive” is not an understatement just give this track a listen and it will have you feeling good. Live you life the way you want to make you feel alive is the point this song drives across, so content, to beat, to vocals all are on point in this Remix. The more and more I hear this track the more I wanna blast it on repeat, So good shit Mr.Parker on always keeping it Dope.

Calvin Harris – Outside [Audio] ft. Ellie Goulding

What a combo as Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding bring us more of that Eargasmic take me away type of track. Where you are just hit right in the ears with that amazing voice of Ellie, which is only accompanied by that dope beat creation of Calvin Harris! These two could make a hundred plus tracks together and every one would be absolutely amazing, because when Magic meets Magic guess what your only gonna get more magic. The song is expressing the feeling of having escaped and now being on the outside looking back in. It allows her to be able to explain, and to show a strong and positive side, which is then mimicked by the sounds and tempo. Give these two a must listen on  anything their names touch because it’s guaranteed to be dope!

Neon Future 1 – Steve Aoki

Steve F*%$@#& Aoki bringing us fire after fire with this tape, from feature to feature. His putting together what every artist should dream of taking all artist from all across the music spectrum and bringing them together. Not only bringing them together but creating FIRE with each and every one of them. So many different artist so many different styles all met by one thing and that is Steve Aoki’s musical genesis! He works with amazing artist such as Will I Am, Fall Out Boy, Kid Ink, Machine Gun Kelly and Wacka Flocka Flame.  One of our dope picks off of the album as a must must listen was “Back To Earth” which is featuring Fall Out Boy which brings the amazing vocals and real instrument vibes mixed in sync with amazing house rhythms and sounds. Aoki’s mission of working and bringing so many different individuals and their styles of music together and can still make hits makes him a crazy dope artist!

Markus Schulz feat. Liz Primo – Blown Away

Markus Schulz featuring Liz Primo work together on this track “Blown Away” to bring us just a little hint of magic. This song makes it all click on how beat producers are the same as rappers and singers except they like there sounds explain their emotions. So that really listen to that one minute in between hooks closely. Liz Primo singing in such a one of kind voice about the girl you lost and how there is no going back to her because every time you do fall back fo her you end up getting blown away. Then your left with the drop fade off into the words “just keep running” and picked up with an amazing beat which feels that vibe of an old school arcade game. One of those fighter ones where you wont give up and your just in a cut scene of your character trying to escape. I don’t know about you but music that can paint a story in my mind is amazing music, so defiantly a must listen!