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Machine Gun Kelly and Leroy Sanchez perform “Gone” acoustic on the tour bus

Acoustic version off of MGKs new tape “General Admission” of the song “Gone” with Leroy Sanchez (vocals), Peter Lee Johnson (violin), and Baze (guitar) who all just murder this track! The vibe and feeling in this one is something you can not only see in MGK but you can feel the passion in his voice that he has for this song. Brining us that real life situation of whats running in his head, and using ideas like he knows he a mess and is obsessed with success and his fans when he just wants to make his daughter smile. The hook is dope and the singers voice is phenomenal  then met by some real deep feeling MGK verses makes this song for a REPEAT play just over and over again enjoy and keep vibe-in out~!

Niykee Heaton – Infinity / Say Yeah

A nice double post from Niykee Heaton with two of her latest songs Infinity and Say Yeah which carry different vibes. Both are produced and sang by Niykee herself. The multi talent artist has also been blowing up Instagram with her beauty and the slogan of “NBK” or natural born killers! Infinity brings us that love song vibe with a slow acoustic guitar accompanied with Niykee’s voice and how she could fuck with you for infinity! On the other hand Say Yeah brings us a more upbeat vibe with a dope beat and that vibe of saying yeah and doing what you wanna do. This girl is killing the game in music, looks, style, and so much more so if you have not heard of yet give her a listen and check out some more from her as she is on a roll. She has been killing it since “We Own It” Remix with and keeps bringing us that Fire Fire Fire!

Kill ‘Em All (prod. by AK) & Sober Acoustic – Niykee Heaton

Bringing you a double post of the beautiful Niykee Heaton who is bringing us a single “Kill em All” and an acoustic version of the song “Sober”for her upcoming EP. That EP Entitled “Bad Intentions” due to be Available 9.23.14 so support Niykee and her amazing voice. When you listen to “Kill Em All” she is singing about having some one who is her everything and she would do anything for them, and is super uptempo . Then your met with this acoustic guitar song “Sober” which accompanies her voice and makes it sound so soft and understanding. She just has an ability to carry emotions in her songs using light singing with a powerful range behind it, and not only can she sing, she can play that damn guitar too. Like this chick was born for music and kills every song she writes or sings!

Cazzette – Sleepless ft. The High (Prinston Acoustic Edit)


Cazzette Drops an Amazing Track “Sleepless” , with some edits on some vocals that just blend them with such harmony is DOPE. Bringing some of that house into an acoustic type vibe from Prinston! Just a slow, chill mellow, and relaxing song! You can not help but feeling some good vibes off this track as your met with the lyrics about love and jhow it grows. As he is searching for her anywhere she goes and that he is sleepless without her! Followed with the acoustics is just such a nice change up and different vibe from the normal stuff posted on OurDopeTracks! Anywhere the music will go “We will Follow” so keep it dope!