A Beautiful November, the album by SoMo

“A Beautiful November” will be available on all platforms at midnight!

All Platforms: http://smarturl.it/mzy6mr

Last November I wrote a song called “50 Feet” that started a beautiful road of self growth through music. I began concentrating more on being introspective with my thoughts while still letting my melodies lead the way. I want to represent a man that’s not afraid to share feelings and be vulnerable. I want to give people sound tracks that they can love to. I want to grow and change and be better every day. I think this album is one of my best works yet. I wonder what you will think? A Beautiful November is here… 🥀💫🌌

A Beautiful November:
I’m Comin’ Home
Better Me
All the Time
I Wish
Stand With Me
Nov 6
50 Feet
Nov 12
I Pace Too Much
Who Am I?


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