SMITE: SEASON 5 – HOW TO PLAY CONQUEST! (New Player Season 5 Conquest Basics)

Can’t Figure Out Conquest? New to SMITE and don’t know what to do? Does Conquest seem too complicated? Here’s a quick and easy guide going over the fundamentals of Conquest – and spoiler, it’s actually really simple! Once you watch this you’ll be ready to go pick up Conquest and never put it down! LIKE if you enjoy the video & Comment your best Conquest tips below! SUBSCRIBE HERE ►

SMITE Season 5 has introduced a new map, a lot of new items (especially starter items) as well as added new balance fixes to champions and existing items that have been in the game for years. This means a LOT is up in the air, but this guide should easily get you past the most important part – starting out! Once you get the hang of the rhythm and goal of conquest, which is much different than clash or arena (game modes in SMITE) then you will have a really easy time learning how to become a better player.

After playing a lot of Paladins and taking a break from SMITE, I’ve had to come back and figure out conquest myself – but I was very happy to find it didn’t take much time at all! The game pace is similar to other mobas with laning phases in the early game, mid game ganks and fights, with late game large scale team fights over map objectives or tower defenses. It takes a bit more of a patient mind and an understanding of how IMPORTANT Gold and Experience are in SMITE to become successful, but ONCE that happens – you’ll never look back. Let me know your thoughts below if you have any others, and I”ll do my best to comment back!

Check out HiRezAggro’s Channel for his current team fight breakdowns and future ones for Season 5!

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