Lil Wayne – Krazy

Lil Waynes Video of his song Krazy is a crazy cinematic experience along with it being one of Wayne’s dopest drops in awhile.  He uses a quick flow and lots and lots of puns. He depicts the fact that people are always gonna think shit about you. For once its not just non sense hes telling people to mind their own business and let people do them, or they are just asking for some problems. This video takes you through a mental institution type of scenario much like “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” or Shutter Island, and is a  pun he drops. The idea of bringing music and cinematic qualities together is dope and we hope to see some music videos like this more and more as time goes on! Not to mention Wayne’s Rap flow is on POINT and he is rhyming compound words, bringing  some good content, and it is all followed with a dope video!

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