Wiz Khalifa – So High ft. Ghost Loft

Wiz has been on a ROLE lately just bringing us Dope music that got us feeling right. Back to his typical stoner vibes and we must say it suits him. As he is always killing tracks that he vibes to and normally about his true inspiration Mary Jane. This track is describing a day in the life of wiz as he spends all his days just floating where you can find him “Somewhere up in the clouds where we all wanna be” and he gets there by smoking daily. Wiz himself is proof that “marijuana” can’t be that bad for you as he still creates dope music and is always hard at work regardless of how much he smokes. Each verse describing ways to find that level of floating so remember to just keep one rolled and smoke up. And when you do light it up crank this jam and smoke  one for wiz, and who knows maybe you’ll find him in the clouds.

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