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Cosmic Gate with Jonathan Mendelsohn – All My Life

Cosmic Gateeeeeee bringing us some of that dope dope MUSIC, and with a little help from Jonathan Mendelsohn and some amazing vocals we get another dope track “All My Life”. As it starts off melodic with a move your body vibe that falls into these amazing vocals that sooth the soul. Five minutes and fifteen seconds of lets go music everything you could want in a song. Dope Vocals, Dope Drops, Dope beat, Dope Artist, and so the bottom line is just Dope.


Sick Individuals – Wasting Moonlight

Heres a DOPE new track by Sick Individuals called “Wasting Moonlight”. It kicks off with some dope vocals, followed by that good feeling vibe and an upbeat tempo. This song tells the story about only needing the slightest thing to make everything seem ok, “Give me just one reason, such as watching the moonlight”.  Just a soulful song filled with amazing sounds, vocals, and concept behind all of it. Sick Individuals has been killing it and bringing that style that has been growing on OurDopeTracks. Dope Vocals, Amazing Beats, Lets Go!

Alison Wonderland – I Want U (GANZ Flip)


Another Dope Track Found with Alison Wonderland, but this time its a Ganz Flip, but just man oh man this is a must listen! These Vocals are so damn SICK, they are heaven to the ears in general before even being met with the dope electronic melodies. Carrying small portions of vocals through out the entire track and flawlessly mixing them into these melodies just ugh. LETS GO, These electronic producers are always on point and bringing us Doper and doper sounds that OurDopeTracks just can not get enough of! Its like love at first note, lmao but seriously if you never heard of them or do not follow them after this gem you better. End of Story.

Free Download Here

Au5 – Follow You (Rootkit Remix)


RootKit Back on That Magic Flow, well of making music that is! Bringing us a Au5 Follow you remix and it is Dope AF, with such chill vocals brought into this dope genre of Electronic music. Rootkit’s ear for taking a good song, and making it so much better is what we love to hear! “Follow You” shows off some serious talent from RootKit and as long as the music you drop for us is on this level or better you will be getting posts! The Drops, Mixes, and placement of everything in this track is on  point and gives off such amazing feel. Enjoy and Stay Tuned to see what else Rootkit can bring to us!

Believe in us – feat. Kinetics & One Love

believeeTotem man oh man were we just blown away! Seeing the famous duo Kinetics and One Love mark on the song initially bringing us in, and are we glad it did.  Just instantly hit with this amazing singer in Totem that we could listen to over and over again! Then you get this amazing production value from one Love, and a dope verse about the girl that you want from Kinetics. It has been awhile since we heard him but its always a pleasure having Kinetics in my headphones! So we found a must follow in Totem and got a peak at what one of the dopest duos of rapper/producer in the game is like when still making music!

Eppic – Hide and Seek (feat. Poppy)

EPPIC, One of My Favorite Rappers because every song he is brings his words to life to tell a story. His use of unique flows and word choice makes him unlike anyone else in the game right now! As this amazing story creates the picture of The Devil (or Poppy in video case) who is chasing him around like a game of hide and seek, because she is murdering angels and collecting their halos. The Feature of Poppy and her amazing voice to sing the hook “Hide and Seek” , which only leads you in to Eppic’s dope vocals. We have been listening to him since I stumbled across him way back, and started to listen as he worked with Tyler Ward. Personally only Eppic made it onto my must follow list, but the whole group is growing and blowing up and always seeing them touring in the UK and what not!

Cazzette – Sleepless ft. The High (Prinston Acoustic Edit)


Cazzette Drops an Amazing Track “Sleepless” , with some edits on some vocals that just blend them with such harmony is DOPE. Bringing some of that house into an acoustic type vibe from Prinston! Just a slow, chill mellow, and relaxing song! You can not help but feeling some good vibes off this track as your met with the lyrics about love and jhow it grows. As he is searching for her anywhere she goes and that he is sleepless without her! Followed with the acoustics is just such a nice change up and different vibe from the normal stuff posted on OurDopeTracks! Anywhere the music will go “We will Follow” so keep it dope!

Trey Songz – Na Na (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo one of those artist who no matter how big he is getting remembers his routes and bringing us renditions of so many dope modern songs! He is all about his fans and his amazing voice, and so should he be cause it is working! This Time as he brings us his voice and style to the song “Na Na”. Somo lately has been killing it as one of the artist who is continuously bringing us new music and renditions! An amazing singer is just pleasant to the ears and something you can listen to again and again.  Also when the actual song comes on and you have heard the Somo version it only makes you wanna go play that Somo version again!

David Guetta ft. Sam Martin – Lovers On The Sun

David Guetta is always on point with his song instrumental matching his featuring vocalist! In This Case it is Sam Martin on this song “Lovers On The Sun” which one hundred percent gives us that country cowboy vibe! Which is giving in the initial part of the song to back those amazing vocals. Then we are hit with the usually Guetta sounds of upbeat modern House/Electronic! This song expresses love and how it has him feeling like they are burning up and so they “minus well be lovers on the sun”. This song is at a new level of chill with something you can listen to over and over again! The Visuals for this also express that country cowboy vibe that this whole song was going for and creates a Dope Sound.

Vanic x Machineheart – Circles

Kick’n this song off right with some amazing upbeat lifting soulful instruments, and met with that summer time type of Vocalist. Vanic and MachineHeart bring us circles and it is a SMASH HIT, as this song explains about seeing the best in every situation. It also talks about how you need those people who have your back around you during your struggles because they will make sure your doing the right thing, and being the best you! Meaning that all your friends will “pull you in  a circle” to change your mind. This song is amazing from the beat to the vocals, to the story, and finally the idea the whole song conveys! Lets Go get excited for more of Vanic and or MachineHeart to bring us that dope music!