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Hopsin – FLY

Hopsin is one of the realest dudes out there in the rap game and he always brings some deep heart felt truth into all his music. On top of that he is just so smooth with his bars and tells you stories that relate to life. That the world is always so conformed by society and that people are so determined to follow this path then become their own individualized person who is following what they want to. The smooth hook also dealing with that subject makes this track overall a complete work of lyrical genius defined by  the truth. Hopsin always keeps it real and strives to tell people to be them and good things will come. This track is a must listen and listen hard and appreciate the words he saids and lyrically gifted this dude truly is!

Waka Flocka Flame – Game On (feat. Good Charlotte) [From “Pixels – The Movie”]

This Song is crazy dope as the theme song from the new movie coming out “Pixels” all about video games sent to destroy the world! Waka Flocka Flame does this song massive justice dropping us sick verse after sick verse that relate to the movie filled with puns, double rhymes and so much more! You also get hit with an amazing beat and hook dropped from Good Charlotte and more and more are we seeing this merge of different genres to bring FIRE tracks! Referring to this is not a game as in movie it is real life as the video games are taking over life and we should be afraid cause we are the ones who made them! Along with a dope track you get a peep at the trailer and makes for a sick video to watch so definitely give this track a listen and watch and get amped for this movies release!

The Weeknd – The Hills (Rendition) by SoMo

Hit us with another rendition of “The Hills” by The Weekend and he does it more the justice as usual! This dudes voice always brings you that dope vibe and there is no body else like him who can kill every genre. On top of killing all of the remixes that he does he also kills all of his own original tracks. No matter how famous he is getting he still remembers his fans and drops use these fantastic renditions of hot tracks, Kudos Mr.Somo you have our respect and always have since day one. So just keep on killing the game and doing your thing and no ones gonna stop you, and the bigger you get the better the sound will come out… Lets Go!

Mike Stud – This Feeling

Mike Stud bringing us a new video of a dope track “This Feeling” where he is venting out his best feelings that the rap game brings him and how the hater talk shit when they don’t know anything about him or his story! This dude always brought that real life into his music as he was on the rode to be a baseball player but injuries lead him into music and we are glad it did because he just drops dope bars over dope beats every song! He defines frat rap as he brings that party drinking vibe into every song and we feel it! Blast this jam get that vibe hit up some drinks and let loose no matter what them shady people go to say to you! As long as you do you and your happy with the feeling that it brings you, your winning so enjoy life and every moment it brings you, make em good, and make em count!

Huey Mack – Things Change (Full Album)

Huey Mack’s full album for Things Change is finally here, and we know we have been hyping it up but its worth all the hype trust us! So many different vibes and different features that bring us dope versus and hooks along side the dope things Huey can share with us from his mind. Just a normal kid growing up with out a dad and making music as a way to have some fun and vent turned into his career and now he can share it with the world. He can help people who are going through similar problems and similar stories and he does it through his music! Time after time he brings us fire tracks and we don’t see him stopping anytime soon so check out the track list below and support Huey and Buy the album here!

Track list:
00:00 – Things Change (feat. Goody Grace)
03:19 – Funeral (feat. Afrojack & Twista)
07:25 – Favorite Song
11:05 – Mutual (feat. Mike Stud)
14:46 – 11:11 (feat. TeamMate)
18:19 – Celebrity
21:51 – All Night
25:06 – We Ain’t Lookin’
28:23 – Back On My Bullshit
31:25 – After You (feat. Louis Bell)
34:40 – Hate Me
38:17 – I Need To Know
41:31 – West Virgina To Worldwide
45:10 – You Again

Niykee Heaton – Infinity / Say Yeah

A nice double post from Niykee Heaton with two of her latest songs Infinity and Say Yeah which carry different vibes. Both are produced and sang by Niykee herself. The multi talent artist has also been blowing up Instagram with her beauty and the slogan of “NBK” or natural born killers! Infinity brings us that love song vibe with a slow acoustic guitar accompanied with Niykee’s voice and how she could fuck with you for infinity! On the other hand Say Yeah brings us a more upbeat vibe with a dope beat and that vibe of saying yeah and doing what you wanna do. This girl is killing the game in music, looks, style, and so much more so if you have not heard of yet give her a listen and check out some more from her as she is on a roll. She has been killing it since “We Own It” Remix with and keeps bringing us that Fire Fire Fire!

Hopium – Right Now


Another New Dope artist to ourdopetracks is Hopium and this track “Right Now” which is FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! The vocals and the vibe of this track is on point. As it bring us that upbeat feeling of wanna to hold down your girl who keeps making excuses for not being around you! One of the dopest lines “Maybe Im’a Dick, But your no saint either” so don’t blame someone for things you have done as well especially when there still working hard for things to work out in the end! The beat is also fire and just gives off such a vibe to your ears that makes this song need to be on your summer repeat playlist! Give these two a listen sit back and appreciate the dope music we hope to see them keep dropping for us!

Alison Wonderland – Run (Wildfire Remix)


Its been awhile since we  brought you guys that EDM trap style so here wego with a dope remix of and Alison Wonderland remix of the song “run” by WildFire! This song is fire with Alison’s smooth use of vocals mixed into that upbeat trap style flawlessly and smooth enough to blare on repeat. New to that WildFire style we know we where instantly hooked after hearing this song just has that dope sense to it and taking the best part of the lyrics to carry that meaning that is only emphasized by the beat and its drop! Kudos WildFire keep up the dope work so we can keep sharing you with our fans, The OurDopeTracks Team!

Mike Posner – Be As You Are

Mike Posner bringing us a real track full of emotion off his new EP “The Truth” which you can pick up on Itunes now here! Just featuring four song but if there all as dope as this one its worth the purchase! Just telling us life is what you make be you because it does not matter if your famous or you work a nine to five as long as you open your heart and enjoy life! Just “Be As You Are” no matter what people think because the people who care about you will be there and understand regardless of what your going through. So lay your trust in them enjoy good music and be happy in life cause it will go on. You only get one life you minus well live how you want and enjoy the ride! As Posner includes his lyrical genius with a different vibe but is reaching new heights with his music and continuously drops us dope music!

Timeflies – Worse Things Than Love ft. Natalie La Rose

Timeflies Drops us a new track “Worse Things Than Love” which is featuring Natalie La Rose and its a sick track with a sick vibe! This duo both amazing singers just work together so seamlessly  on a crazy produced track by Rez. Just emphasizing that their is worse things in life then love so just give in and let your body feel that woahhh woahh feeling! Cause when you with her you are not leaving the sheets and the feeling you get when your with her is unlike anything else! Natalie thinking you could be better off alone but what does she really know because even them Beetles tell you to just go for love! Just a catchy hook with an upbeat stellar vibe defiantly give this a listen cause Timeflies kills it like every track they make!