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Tiësto ft. Kyler England – Take Me

Once you see Tiesto’s track there is only one reaction that you can have, excited as hell! Tiësto  ft. Kyler England who both kill this track, bringing amazing vocals and a dope beat. They combine them absolutely perfectly. This track brings in a story of wanting to be with someone you love saying “Its now or never” and how everything would be worth leaving in comparison to going with the person you love.  This is a strong song with the meaning and defiantly something you can sing along with!

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Wiz Khalifa – Mind of a Stoner

MGK and Wiz on a track, of corse its about weed! Kells tells a story  explaining the struggles that he used to face, and how he coped with them before he got big. Every one of Machine Gun Kellys verses are absolutely dope, always spitting real shit someone, somewhere can relate too. The video talks for its self explaining the day in the life of a stoner, while Wiz sings that stoner hook. OHH and  uh well Tapanga from boy meets world may or may not be in the video, and she has defiantly grown up! In some quick weed terms she is uh well “Smoke-in” so this is a must watch video of a dope song!

Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Dare You

Dare you by Hardwell featuring Matthew Koma brings some amazing female vocals and a upbeat, uptempo instrumental. Where the hook is daring you to Love, to Cry, to Run, to Try, to Fly, to Feel and does this song let you feel! Expressing the idea of it never being too late to do something, so OurDopeTracks, Hardwell, and Matthew Koma DARE you to follow all of your dreams because it’s never too late!

Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong

Am i Wrong saying i absolutely love this track! Nico & Vinz have created something special with this song. The melody consists of various different instruments creating an amazing  sound that draws you in, and then your hit with uplifting lyrics that will take you out of any bad mood! To be honest i don’t think i can stop hitting the repeat button when this song is over, am i wrong?

Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster

So we know this track is a bit old, but the intro to this song is a must see because the images are powerful. Everything that makes Eminem lose his mind and feel like a monster, when in reality thats everything that he is are those exact thoughts. The fact is he is not any less crazy at all but in fact he is ok wit those crazy ideas and thoughts and can claim them. Sorta like the hulk, which people originally where to call monster…

Bingo Players – Knock You Out

An Amp up Stay Strong song called Knock you out, with some amazing vocals that where destined to rock this type of electronic house music! Boom Boom Knock you out, and this pick up of melody into the drop definitely will! This songs hook refers to getting pushed down only to get up get stronger and knock out whatever is in your path. Put this on during a workout so you can knock that work out, well, out!

Laidback Luke & Project 46 Feat. Collin McLoughlin – Collide

This songgg mannn bringing an amazing vocalist such as Collin McLoughlin with two producers like Laidback Luke & Project 46 you can only expect this creation to be amazing! It just brings good vibes as he sings about how he is standing by someones side until they find where love collides. They bring this constant  melodic beat that has you wanting to listen over and over again. Then we come to the video which tells the story of two younger boys creating a robot to impress the hot neighbor girl. it turned out that here plan worked and after going on a date and they were about to get to “sexy time” and the boys mom walks in and forces them to have the robot leave, when the neighbor chases the robot she gets hit by a car showing the boys she is a robot too, and is being operated by two girls their own age! Amazing song with an amazing video a must watch!

Mike Stud x Mod Sun x Huey Mack – Drunk When I Wake Up (remix)

Mike Stud, Mod Sun, and Huey Mack absolutely kill this track! Individually each rapper has there own flow, but all of them have some DOPE lyrics about having an amazing night , and of corse waking up drunk!This track starts out with Mod Sun next up Huey and then Mike Stud bats clean up, and not only does he go in but he records it in his hotel room how can you beat that! Sick song and cant wait for more  music from all three artists

Dash Berlin & Rigby – Earth Meets Water

Dash Berlin & Rigby bring us a new track “Earth Meets Water” where you start off with some slow but powerful vocals!  Talking about the shore and how he is on the point of earth that the water touches and this is that beautiful feelings he gets from it, and man does the music match! This song can paint that scene for you and all you need to do is sit back close your eyes and listen.

Calvin Harris – Summer

SummerTime is here and Calvin Harris was ready with this track “Summer” Just bringing amazing harmonies with fast dance  music. Then your met with this chilling, relaxing, and unique sounding hook that you can’t help but be feeling! Talking about the girl he met in the summer and the video highlights some awesome footage of dope race cars and a strobe light pool part… I know that would get me excited for summer other then the warm weather that is!