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Mod Sun – Free Love

The Hippie rapper at it again dropping us a crazy video like he normally does for his track “Free Love” where he spends all the video funding on crazy things! For example he  pays a girl 300$s to shave her head. The song it self is dope the vibe it gives off is like no body else in the rap game and we don’t think any one will ever come close. His mission is to just show love and fun with life and you can see it in every video and hear this in every song he writes! A long with that he drops some amazing up beat tracks that can change your whole mood so if you have not yet give this dude a listen he will show you a whole different side of rap and hip hop!

Omi feat. Kid Ink – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn vs Salaam Remi Remix)

A sick remix of Cheerleader using Kid Ink and some dope horns mixed into the beat! Talking about how they found the perfect girl who is their cheerleader and that they would not want anyone else! Using the hit single hook and bringing it into such a different vibe, a summertime R&B style. Just some dope music from some sick singing to some dope Kid Ink bars give this a listen if you like the original you will be in for a pleasant surprise!

Hopsin – The Pound

Hopsins intro track off his new album “Pound Syndrome” as the music video shows him being put together like robo cop from the latest movie! The bars he drops are to on point and just brining fire, with that beat sound on some futuristic sounds. Telling us this album about to be harder then all his last sht! If you dont believe him check it out here and pick up your copy on Itunes here! And well if you do believe him pick up a copy and show him some support and love!


1. The Pound (Intro)
2. Forever III
3. No Hope
4. Ramona (Ft. Jarren Benton)
5. Mr. Jones
6. Fort Collins (Ft. Dizzy Wright)
7. No Words (Skit)
8. Crown Me
9. Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7
10. FV Till I Die (Ft. SwizZz)
11. My Love
12. No Fucks Given
13. Fly
14. I Just Can’t

Chris Webby – Whatchu Need (feat. Sap & Stacey Michelle)

New Chris Webby Track “Watchu Need” with some dope features a dope hook dropped from Stacey Michelle. This is accompanied with some dope verses from Webby himself and  Sap! Some sick lines from Webby like “Brain sharper then a makos teeth”. Then the hook “I got watchu need” and a video full of Webby and Sap chillin in his “uncles mansion” surrounded by woman dancing. Fits right along that Chris Webby style on his upbeat side of music something you appreciate all levels of the song rather then just his verses. From the move your body type beat, to the hook, and finally compliments by both artist verses and unique voice style!

Machine Gun Kelly – rapping over Remember The Name on violin

MGK on another level of that dope S#@T as he brings us a freestyle over a Violin cover of “Remember The Name” and man does he murder this ish! Just brining that real sht he feels in his life everyday and onto this dope violin cover to ill this dude always changing up what he is doing instead of bringing that same old same old song after song. Last time he was rapping chilling on his couch dropping some fire unused bars over a random instrumental and now where hit with this … Too Dope! He goes along just murdering and drops some snaps to tell the violinist to pick up the tempo so he can murder more and more bars lets go MGK keep bringing us that fire!

Jeremih – Planes (Rendition) by SoMo

A little late of a post but another dope song rendition by Somo as he does a Jeremih song aka “Planes”. This song all about that plane life and that the world is your as he can take you anywhere. That he gonna take you high because he is your pilot. Just some of that wonderful Somo voice with his usual content of woman which we often find in his rendition and he brings you songs and artist you would not normally listen too and makes it something you can play on repeat and sing along to regardless! Just another dope track by Somo let his voice take you up on that blimp so you can see the world how he does… give this song a listen and you wont be disappointed.

Radical Something – Superhero

Its been a while since we heard this summer vibe trio drop us some new tracks but it was well worth the wait as they never seem to disappoint! This time with the song “SuperHero” as they say Superman can go to hell because we can save ourselves. This group is always about being happy and that they enjoy life and enjoy every single minute of it! Bravo Radical Something the vibe you carry through your track is unmatched by anyway that upbeat happy reggae vibe, with hip hop, and dope singing. This time they even bring the Bass Player in for a couple bars aka “Big Red” who comes in on this one and maybe well see more him in the future. This group always pushing each other to strive into new territories of music as Loggy is singing in that Josh Cocktail style while Big Red gets in on those bars! Just amazing to see them move forward as artist and still keep that same loving life vibe in every track!

Mike Stud – Never Going Back Ft OCD: Moosh & Twist

Lets gooo bringing us together two dope AF artist Mike Stud And OCD: Moosh & Twist for some FIRE! Each of them bringing us a fire verse with the idea of “I aint never goin back to how i was” as being in the bad of the club with the stars and bad bitches with liquor in the cup. Aka just living the life they always dreamed about and there dream of music took them to this place and now they get to work with other artist with that same vibe and its dope. Lets hope we see this duo more and more as both their styles combined for something you can blast on repeat. Just Dope Artist who bring dope hooks and you can see that hear with that club banger heavy flow beat to just drop them idgaf BARS.

Timeflies Tuesday – American Pie

Another dope Timeflies mashing up a couple songs bringing us that most famous Eminem verse about “Moms Spaghetti” mashed in with the Cal sung version of “American Pie”. And then we are tossed into a freestyle out of a hat and that crazy Rez produced beat to bring us back to that casual Timeflies Tuesday vibe. Another sick Tuesday give this one a listen if you love this duo and be ready for more and more dope drops on each and everyTuesday!

Chase Rice – Gonna Wanna Tonight (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Brings us that Rendition of a Love song by Chase Rice called “Gonna Wanna Tonight” which has some amazing lyrics! One of those songs you can already tell every country girl in the world has been jamming out to in the trucks. Brought into a more general genre by Somo and listenable through all of music as his voice just excels at taking song to a whole new level! If you get the opportunity to see this dude live take it as his tour dates are listed on the video. A real singer sounds just as great live as in his music videos so expect him to be on another level of dope up on that stage bringing that real live emotion into every track he sings!