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Logic – The Incredible True Story (Full Album) (Deluxe Edition)

Another Dope Album just dropped from lyrical master mind, and flow master LOGIC, Aka Young Sinatra! This dude is our generations real life living type of dude. He constantly tells you about his troubled past but encourages positive living and wants the best for every one and any one he meets. He just constantly doing his thing and what he loves, but on top of that he is doing it on another level. Track after Track he brings unmatched fire and emotion and is deeply involved in the production of every track. Watch the video of the making of “Like Woah”… “Check it when you play this shit thing of this suave ass mother fucker with a suit case that opens into 4 sections and he steals this priceless fucking art like the mona lisa. He just opens his shit throws on some gloves steals it puts it in the suitcase and just walks out type a dude”. He just has this vision in his mind and will do what it takes to explain and have it come to life and it shows in all his songs and projects. This dude has had me hooked since the first song we ever heard and we can’t imagine going back to a logicless lifestyle!

Adele – Hello (Conor Maynard & Anth)

THIS SONG… if you have not heard this cover yet you have seriously been missing out. This song has been streaming over Facebook and youtube blowing away everyone and gaining 3m on youtube and another 8M+ views on social media!  So much emotion is shared from both Conor and Anth in the singing and the rap and this is what really allows for a connection! They let us in on all levels and it brings this son to a whole new level. Power and meaning in your lyrics and voice meaning every word that comes out of your mouth makes a song so much stronger. Could blast this song on repeat because of the feeling it gives off we hope these two keep working together and we got some hints they are so stay tuned and stay excited!

Sammy Adams – The Clarity

Finally that new Sammy Adams drop off his up coming album, which should be some real fire. This dudes been one of the most lyrical flow giving game changing artist to ever drop music. From soccer player to hip hop genius has come a long way and always carries a specific vibe into his tapes and albums. From Boston’s Boy to his party music fire fire fire always. Now this album bout to do numbers and we can’t wait to see what this album has to unfold. Always striving to bring his best music you can expect murder on some tracks and some HITS your gonna want on blast/repeat! Keep this album on lock and wait for its drop you won’t regret it Sammy got some magic coming!

Timeflies – Burn It Down x Kalin and Myles REMIX

Kalin and Myles been on the rise lately after trampoline and working with Moosh & Twist and now hopping on a track with Timeflies! Dope, Dope, Dope as they collab and make these fire tracks time after time again. This song has a nice Timeflies Tuesday mix except you can really feel the influence from the Trampoline Team! Keep this track on your playlist and let that beat set fire the the dance floor. This track is on point on so many levels with 2 amazing producers 2 dope vocalist and 2 rappers… Solid as a squad as you could possible grab! Stay tuned for more from both of these duos in them music game.

Adele – Hello (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo with an amazing voice can bring this song justice originally sang by adele. He brings this song into a guys voice and a little different type of vibe in this rendition. Its a little more upbeat and less emotion poured into the lyrics. A good change of pace and take on the song and might just be a solution for this song if your not too much of an Adele Fan. Always look forward to these Somo tracks and can’t wait to see what he covers next!

Machine Gun Kelly and Leroy Sanchez perform “Gone” acoustic on the tour bus

Acoustic version off of MGKs new tape “General Admission” of the song “Gone” with Leroy Sanchez (vocals), Peter Lee Johnson (violin), and Baze (guitar) who all just murder this track! The vibe and feeling in this one is something you can not only see in MGK but you can feel the passion in his voice that he has for this song. Brining us that real life situation of whats running in his head, and using ideas like he knows he a mess and is obsessed with success and his fans when he just wants to make his daughter smile. The hook is dope and the singers voice is phenomenal  then met by some real deep feeling MGK verses makes this song for a REPEAT play just over and over again enjoy and keep vibe-in out~!

Logic – Like Woah

New Drop From Logic “Like Woah” off his latest upcoming project  you can and should Pre Order “The Incredible True Story”  which is on iTunes now! Logic only has been brining you that real life scenarios in his music and continues to do it with amazing lyrical style, dope beats, and sick puns. This dude has been killing the rap game since his first release and never fails to amaze. The project about to be on some next level ish so if your a logic fan cop that shit asap kick back and listen to the man vent that TRUE STORY!

Timeflies Tuesday – 1989

Another TimeFlies Tuesday in the books remixing that Taylor Swift this time around! This duo is one dedicated group to their fans as they have been dropping new free music for like 2 years plus and always dope every single time… Respect! Cal and Rez one of the dopest duos in the game and always will be sick remix beats and dope vocals every time that make all their tracks a must have on your ipod! Give them a listen and check back here we will keep bringing you all the fire they drop!

My Life II

New Somo Original Album “My Life II” Peep it here and support buy picking up your copy here! This dude is just magic on the track carries a dope message in every song along with sick melodies and dope vibes! If you have not give this dude a listen its about time you do he is constantly brining his fans new music for free so when he does drop something original and made all by him he deserves that support! The main subject and muse of must of Somo’s songs in thies album are women and so many different emotions wrapped around them! Each track just as dope as the last and brings a whole new vibe with it so give each song a listen and we promise you wont be disappointed at all!

TimeFlies – Fight Song & Guilty

Another Double post for Timeflies this time also bringing us their usual Tuesday along with a dope original! This time two upbeat songs as guilty has a crazy vibe about being guilty no matter what so why not just admit it regardless if its true! A nice true touch for how some girls and react Rez & Cal on point with this track! Then your hit with their Tuesday song and its a remix of Fight Song which I recently heard on the radio it was a favorite song for a young 10 year old cancer patient and the original singer visited him and sang it with him! Awesome! and then only to come home and hear one of my favorite artist drop a dope remix with a freestyle in it just fantastic!