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Ludacris ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere Cat – Party Girls (Afrojack Remix)

afrojackAfroJack Remixing so many different main stream artist to create this track called “Party Girls”. The hook is what seems like a rework of the hook or sample of the song barbie girl. Damn tho is this made like 1,000xs doper with that hook about party girls getting “Naked” essentially! Then we are met with rap flows of Luda and Wiz not to mention the whole thing is produces by AfroJack! The idea of bringing together so many different songs and artist to create a song that works so perfect in unison is incredible. Afrojack brings a dope unique style  and something a little different then his usual party music!

Rootkit – Real Love ft. Danyka Nadeau


Soft beautiful vocals introduce this track from Danyka Nadeau and an amazing backing beat by a sixteen year old producer who goes by Rootkit. He is already knowing what it takes to make smash hit gems AMAZING vocals and amazing production skills added to his amazing visions for songs! This kid is going to be something big just merging Trap with amazing vocals is one of our favorite styles to hear. Just a chill/mellow trap track with an amazing vocalist that gets us excited to see what RootKit will have in store as he grows, learns, and develops in his music career.

TradeMark – Close To You (Disclosure X Sam Smith X 3LAU X Revine)


TradeMARK Lets go one of our favorite Dj type of mix creators out there! Always knows exactly which hit songs to put together and how to mix them in the perfect way. Ever since we heard one of his mixes we have not heard a single one that doesn’t impress the ourdopetracks team! Taking Catchy Vocalist and Hit Songs and mixing them with some of the dopest feel good vibe instrumentals! Close To You uses many different songs to remix this into another dope smash gem from Trademark, and so we promise you can always find that new sweet Trademark track  here!

Hex Cougar – Internet Crush


Internet Crush this song is just epic just the melody captured with such a unique style of sounds. Then straight into a slower one with soft vocals in the background and light “star-y” type of sounds. The sounds used to create this song instantly can change your mood and need to listen to this track over and over again. Your ears do not lie to you when you hear something amazing and pleasant to them! Dope Music as Trap grows more and more on the OurDopeTracks Team and we hope to keep seeing more and more. So expect more and more from us!

Cymbalik & Thought – Autumn


Some Real Real Hip/Hop Rap storytelling and it is Dope like 100% you have to give this a listen.  This is that flow and type of music people are claiming it is missing well it’s not and this track proves that.  The story is about a young dude hustling is blow and making mistakes, but shows inspiration to want to turn around your life and that it is worth it. The lyricism really paints the story in your head and brings you into his reality. Soul filled hip hop is my favorite kind clever lyrics, amazing flow, and rapping from the heart rather then from the brain! Just A dope dope track from Cymbalik & Thought and they have ourdopetracks support!

Alison Wonderland – Lies


Alison Wonderland bring us lies, so never tell us lies and we wont this track is some of that Dope Trap <3 Just such catchy beat with such a simple sample of never tell me lies that just works so well together. This track uses unique verbs and echoes on the sample to change up the sound and vibes to this track. It just puts you into a “trap-ped” state of trance, and is defiantly a good listen fora dope  simplistic trap feel.

Mike Stud – Closer (prod. Louis Bell)

Mike Stud drops the second hit off his upcoming album which drops on July 7th, and if the rest of his album compares to the two tracks we have heard we can tell the project is gonna be DOPE.  Where it will just bring us dope lyricism and flows that bring such a catchy vibe dope vibe. Mike is telling us the story and his worth ethic on this track called “Closer” and how it is helping him to get closer to where he wants to be in life. But he is only achieving this through hard work and dedication to his music! Also bringing us a dope visual of him hard at work, may not be studio work but hard at work no less. One more little thing is that it is directed by his good friend Jon Kilmer and what a duo those two make.

Kritikal feat. Precise – Latch (Remix)


Kritikal Drops a Dope track sampling and taking the hook of Latch to create this remix. The ability of taking that hook and bringing in his own hook that works so seamlessly with the original, and while also fits the content for that dope track. With the whole song being about finding the girl you want, and just explained through on point flows. Kritikal’s bringing us some sick sounding hip hop so  give him a listen because we know OurDopeTracks will be listening. We know he is only gonna get better!

Carnage ft. Migos – Bricks (Party Thieves & Clips x Ahoy Figgity Bootleg)

Trap Nation is right just the noise selection used to define this genre  gets you feeling good right away. Brings us such unique melody lines merged that with some cray vibe vocals for a mind blow of a listen. Talk about bringing in rap with dope sounds for an trap optimized version of music. Bringing different styles of music into trap is awesome getting that trap sound that is so dope, but being able to hear your favorite songs with it, Lets Go Stay Dope!

Wiz Khalifa ft. Project Pat and Juicy J – KK

Wizzzzzz bringing us a new hit with Project Pat and Juicy J about that weeeeeeed. Bringing us steady kick drums with them wiz vocals you know, lyrics always on point with the weed puns and references. With the song name “KK” repeatedly used in the hook and used to substitute the word weed? All three artist are people know for smoking so it seems appropriate to bring them together on a track. All three bring us dope chill stoner verses we know in hip hop that go them to where they are chilling at the top now still smoking weed.