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Sucker For Pain

This. Track. Is. Dope. This site has been out for awhile during my last semester of school (Woot) and been looking for a song worth starting to blog again over and bingo we have found it. Get ready to have this track on repeat for a while it is SICK. With an amazing chorus and beat from Ambassadors & Imagine Dragons that already gets you hooked next we get met with a dope line up of rappers. First comes Ty Dolla $ign, Then Logic, Lil Wayne, and finally Wiz khalifa who all bring some fire verses as on this track. Not only all that but We get that mash of Artist music video style and suicide squad footage. This is because its a track from the new Suicide squad album put together for the movie.  This album has some other dope artist on it and cab be found here!

Machine Gun Kelly – General Admission

Another Track off the latest MGK album which if you have not heard yet we suggest you give this MOTHER F&%#er a listen because it is just Volcanic level of fire. Check out track fire which comes in at 00:15:20 – Bad Mother F*cker (feat. Kid Rock). These two bring rock and hip hop/rap together and it works wonders! That kid rock instrumental and hook style met with some funky vocal effected MGK verses which content is just always on point. Also the real version of track nine comes in at 00:29:32 of Gone (feat. Leroy Sanchez) and these two track make the album worth a buy alone not even mentioning the rest of the fire so check it out and make the call yourself cause we are in 100% cause MGK keeps it 100.

Carlprit & U Jean – Domino

UPBEAT, UPTEMPO, AND CATCHY AS F%$@ this song is dope the hook has such a catchy flow. The singer and rapper duo of Carlprit & U Jean is some fire and bout to drop there fans like dominos! Killer track and vibe from this duo with an interesting feel but the hook into the catchy drop and they met with a sixteen…. Let’s go that 3 verse, 3 hook spot combo is what bring FIRE smooth hooks and dope verses = Fuegoooooooooooo For DAYS!

Yellow Claw – Blood For Mercy Full Album

Time for the house/dubstep album just dropped by yellow claw for some new fire tunes! This continues off the first track we posted only bringing you a bunch of new tracks to vibe with. Get ready to dance and hear dope vocals in to some OG drops. Yellow Claw was in the zone for the creation of this album and there hooks utilize amazing singers to just give off a five star vibe you can listen to over and over as well as all day! If this sounds like you give them a listen you wont be disappointed!

Can’t Let It Go (ft. Kenny Greene) (prod. Tyler Nicolo)

AT IT AGAIN, as this duo murdering the hip hop game like no one else ever could… Just good sounding music every single time no matter what they rap about or how they rap that SHIT IS CLEAN. Always on point and always featuring with the right artist and using there talents in the perfect way that results in fire every time. This duo is are like lit matches just passing along the fire to anyone they colab with. Always check out Moosh & Twist with new music cause you guaranteed to be impressed. For this track “Can’t Let Go” they feature Kenny Greene to bring us that fire hook, and then the duo brings us the on point bars… Just A+ keep, keepin it dope!