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Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (Delay Remix)

A Trap Remix of Iggy Azalea just make listening to Iggy Azalea just one hundred times better! Bring her unique style of rap with her  and drop some matching trap sounds behind it like, Word! Then you’re met with some drops and mixes in melodies that can really make you get amped up! Just enjoy a different version of Iggy on Trap and if you’re a trap fan this black widow delay mix is for you!

Childish Gambino – Sweatpants ft. Problem

Childish Gambino has been putting out some amazing music lately, after doing songs with Jhene Aiko and Chance the Rapper. Gambino hits us with Sweatpants featuring Problem! This song is just straight  up Childish Gambino doing exactly what he does best on this song just spits amazing lyrics over a nasty beat.  As always he is adding a little humor into his verses. OurDopeTracks will always be fans of Childish Gambino and we cant wait for some new music!

Enrique Iglesias – There Goes My Baby

Enrique Iglesias and Flo Rida bring us a smash hit,  with Iglesias vocals mixed on that type of beat you know Flo Rida loves. As soon as that first sound-wave hit my eardrum I knew this had to be a Flo Rida type of song! Breaking up with a girl that they would be awesome if they came back, but they got to be ok with there baby leaving. Overall just enjoy some of  both artist style, and just sit back and enjoy the good vibes about staying positive!

Steve Aoki ft. Kid Ink – Delirious

Catchyyyyy just ca ca ca catchyyy, between some amazing Steve Aoki production skills, mixed with that flow feel good smoker flow! Dropping some bars about weed over some electric house which seems to be the new style or at least a way to do a little mix up from the usual. A little your famous and I’m famous lets make some famous dope music together type of deal! Both artist alone are dope, and where brought two different genres together for an even doper track!

Wiz Khalifa – 28 Grams

29 grams

Wiz Dropping an entire 28 song mix tape dedicated to what? you guessed it WEED… As the standard Ounce has 28 grams in it its like he wrote a song for every gram he smoked off it. Some Dope remixes/samples are used much like the lil wayne No ceilings mix tape.  Some Dope Tracks off this Tape “Get that Zip Off” a remix to or nah or even or “Bangerz” where Wiz tells all he roles is papers before he drops a dope verse. If your a Wiz fan you know this is a must download and with twenty eight tracks your destined to find some dope track you like and got on that repeat playlist.

Nicki Minaj – Pills N Potions

Nicki Minaj’s new song “Pills N Potions” actually brings some real emotion and meaning to it. A song about her love and how its so strong that pills and potions are the only thing that helps her through it. We get a Nicki Minaj rap flow all about her feelings about how guys are, and how they treat her. Her amazing voice and the hook Pills and Potions is so catchy and something that can easily get stuck in your head. Especially since this is a situation that a lot of other girls will relate to and dedicate this as there jam, so here it is!

Chris Webby – Good Day (Feat. Jitta On The Track)

the check up

This First Drop off of Webbys Tape The CheckUp and it is Dope, Dope, Dope! The beat is just so chill with an amazing hook, and their verses by Webby and Jitta are both sick. Two stoner rappers who just wanna smoke weed and write rhymes and man is that what they do best. Smoke weed to have a good day, and man did I have a good day with Webby introducing OurDopeTracks to Jitta who’s flow is too dope and such a unique voice got me hooked since i pressed play. Still amped for this tape, and to see what Jitta does Next.

Sammy Adams – Pop Money

Sammy Adams is always on point with his music and this song is proof of that! Produced by Maddy Trump Sammy’s original producer on his first project “Boston’s Boy” is worked with him again.  Although  his rap flows where already sick, he is only getting better and bigger from those rhymes and style. On this track he is flaunting the fact he’s got that pop money, and can buy what he wants, so basically Ya’ll just cant touch Boston’s Boy cause he is just doing his thing.

Steve Aoki feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Rage The Night Away

Another Steve Aoki and rapper mix, but this time we get Waka Flocka Flame instead of Kid Ink. Still about weed but he adds in just getting F**ked up by any means. That their lives revolve around getting turnt up and making music! Wit the Wacka hook rage rage rage the night away is enough to get you hooked, then you get those amazing drops and smooth comes ups from Steve Aoki that we know! Always just making smash hits you wanna dance to know matter who he has on the feature!