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Believe in us – feat. Kinetics & One Love

believeeTotem man oh man were we just blown away! Seeing the famous duo Kinetics and One Love mark on the song initially bringing us in, and are we glad it did.  Just instantly hit with this amazing singer in Totem that we could listen to over and over again! Then you get this amazing production value from one Love, and a dope verse about the girl that you want from Kinetics. It has been awhile since we heard him but its always a pleasure having Kinetics in my headphones! So we found a must follow in Totem and got a peak at what one of the dopest duos of rapper/producer in the game is like when still making music!

Eppic – Hide and Seek (feat. Poppy)

EPPIC, One of My Favorite Rappers because every song he is brings his words to life to tell a story. His use of unique flows and word choice makes him unlike anyone else in the game right now! As this amazing story creates the picture of The Devil (or Poppy in video case) who is chasing him around like a game of hide and seek, because she is murdering angels and collecting their halos. The Feature of Poppy and her amazing voice to sing the hook “Hide and Seek” , which only leads you in to Eppic’s dope vocals. We have been listening to him since I stumbled across him way back, and started to listen as he worked with Tyler Ward. Personally only Eppic made it onto my must follow list, but the whole group is growing and blowing up and always seeing them touring in the UK and what not!

Aazar – Jigglin

DAMN, TRAP CITY BABY! Lets Go as where met with some basic lyrics about ass and much remind me of “Wiggle”. But instead of some singing and Snoop we are just met with dope plays of this vocals and crazy TRAP Sounds.  Bringing in some unique and original sounds in some quick AF Bpms. Like when this song plays idk how any one on a dance floor could not be “jiggling” their ass. Haha. Seriously tho this is one for the trap and ass lovers, as we see songs with similar content on complete opposite sides of the music spectrum! Here at OurDopeTracks WE LOVE IT ALL THOUGH!

Chris Brown – New Flame Featuring Usher & Rick Ross


New Chris Brown Song featuring Usher and Rick Ross called New Flame! Two amazing singers bringing us that R&B style about a girl that Chris Brown wants and for her to try a new thing. Just met with slow amazing singers singing about women and how to make it work. Just soft singing and then your met with the deep hip hop rap voice of Rick Ross. His verse tells us all about how he is a “Boss” and about women, money, and bling. Typical style from these artist but just bringing us something new and dope!

Mike Stud ft. Sammy Adams – Whatever (prod. Louis Bell)


Another Dope Track from Mike Stud and he drops it with a dope feature from Sammy Adams! It is just to dope to see two of some of  your favorite artist that you been listening to since day one finally drop a track together. Both are sick rapper with catchy flows and are whats new to the game and still bringing us solid steady steam of dope music to your ears. All of Mike’s beats are always on point and with the people he is starting to feature with he is getting bigger and to the haters its whatever! Summer JAMS can’t wait for more from Sammy and this Album from Stud July 7th promise it will be up on!

Jay Bee x Hendersin – Closing Time (Prod Spence Mills)


Another dope sample of Closing time that was produced by Spence Mills. A Track that brings us Jay Bee and Hendersin dropping us some dope verses about partying. That life is all about having fun and doing what you love and you can tell that by these artist. Just bringing us some chill real deal college life music.  It is Jay Bee Second release off his upcoming mixtape “The Run Down” coming June 30th. Some one new to us and following his dreams and is doing well getting to work with an artist who showed us him mr Hendersin. Both artist are only gonna get better with time and are gonna continue to bring chill raps and samples so keep it dope!

Ludacris ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere Cat – Party Girls (Afrojack Remix)

afrojackAfroJack Remixing so many different main stream artist to create this track called “Party Girls”. The hook is what seems like a rework of the hook or sample of the song barbie girl. Damn tho is this made like 1,000xs doper with that hook about party girls getting “Naked” essentially! Then we are met with rap flows of Luda and Wiz not to mention the whole thing is produces by AfroJack! The idea of bringing together so many different songs and artist to create a song that works so perfect in unison is incredible. Afrojack brings a dope unique style  and something a little different then his usual party music!

Rootkit – Real Love ft. Danyka Nadeau


Soft beautiful vocals introduce this track from Danyka Nadeau and an amazing backing beat by a sixteen year old producer who goes by Rootkit. He is already knowing what it takes to make smash hit gems AMAZING vocals and amazing production skills added to his amazing visions for songs! This kid is going to be something big just merging Trap with amazing vocals is one of our favorite styles to hear. Just a chill/mellow trap track with an amazing vocalist that gets us excited to see what RootKit will have in store as he grows, learns, and develops in his music career.

Cymbalik & Thought – Autumn


Some Real Real Hip/Hop Rap storytelling and it is Dope like 100% you have to give this a listen.  This is that flow and type of music people are claiming it is missing well it’s not and this track proves that.  The story is about a young dude hustling is blow and making mistakes, but shows inspiration to want to turn around your life and that it is worth it. The lyricism really paints the story in your head and brings you into his reality. Soul filled hip hop is my favorite kind clever lyrics, amazing flow, and rapping from the heart rather then from the brain! Just A dope dope track from Cymbalik & Thought and they have ourdopetracks support!

Mike Stud – Closer (prod. Louis Bell)

Mike Stud drops the second hit off his upcoming album which drops on July 7th, and if the rest of his album compares to the two tracks we have heard we can tell the project is gonna be DOPE.  Where it will just bring us dope lyricism and flows that bring such a catchy vibe dope vibe. Mike is telling us the story and his worth ethic on this track called “Closer” and how it is helping him to get closer to where he wants to be in life. But he is only achieving this through hard work and dedication to his music! Also bringing us a dope visual of him hard at work, may not be studio work but hard at work no less. One more little thing is that it is directed by his good friend Jon Kilmer and what a duo those two make.