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Eminem – Guts Over Fear ft. Sia

Eminem is just a natural story teller and basically is on that motivational flow with this one. Just bringing us some real shit Eminem gives us his feelings on his career through out his whole life. He always drops lyrical genius though every track he makes and also brings great themes and concepts behind them. Explaining rap his just his everything and the only thing he has ever had in his life and no matter where life took him he always turned back to the music. He knows now that people are always gonna doubt and hate, when all he wanted was to be accepted, and so for any one who has a dream they should keep pushing cause eventually you’ll get there no matter how afraid through it all. Just for him to cover all this  in 3 minutes of rap and say he has no more emotion to draw from is contradicting cause this track carries hella emotion. A Dope Artist always lyrically on a different level and telling you a story which makes this a must listen.

Living All Of Your Dreams – featuring 2 Chainz and Mac Miller


This is a hot new track by Mack Maine featuring 2 Chainz and Mac Miller, produced by Lex Luger. The hook is about coming to your party, smoking your weed, f%#%ing your chick, and just living your dream.  Along with that they all spit a dope verse. The combo of sick artists Mack Miane gets on this track (2 Chainz and Mac Miller) brings such an unique sound, and together they bring us a DOPE track! We know that there is only more to come from these artists, but mostly we are hoping Mac hops back on this style, and drops us something new and MOST DOPE!

Crichy Crich x HiRez – Trip (Prod. by Tincup)

crichy crich

Crichy Crich brings us a little of that merge style a track mixing some Trap and Rap. Lets Go, Dope Bars, and a crazy exotic beat making for a dope track and a MUST LISTEN. The beat alone is enough to grab you attention and pull you in for a listen, then your hit with some nice clean bars. I would love to see more people bringing a style like this to the game. Crichy has grabbed OurDopeTracks attention and support, we will be following up on him daily for new releases!

Logic – Under Pressure

Missed this drop during that school work stressing but we can’t pass up on bringing you that new logic album! This dude is on a mission with his music to just put his words and feelings into his music. He put in the hard work on this EP and it shows as it tells stories, through amazing lyricism and flawless production. “Under Pressure” is a fifteen track list with some early releases we already heard, and some dope features from Big Sean and Childish Gambino. Make Sure you support logic and grab your copy here! The fact that Logic is doing big things has put him Under Pressure to elevate his music game, but he never seizes to amaze us. Just a Real Dude bringing us some real shit #RatPack !

I Feel So Alive (Matthew Parker U Remix)


This song is Dope from vocals to beat just gets you feeling good and can change your mood. Matthew Parker has been on a role lately with the tracks he has been dropping! “I Feel So Alive” is not an understatement just give this track a listen and it will have you feeling good. Live you life the way you want to make you feel alive is the point this song drives across, so content, to beat, to vocals all are on point in this Remix. The more and more I hear this track the more I wanna blast it on repeat, So good shit Mr.Parker on always keeping it Dope.

Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf – SHADY CXVPHER

THE MAN HIMSELF and HIS TEAM BRINGING US SOME OF THOSE CRAZY BARS OFF THE DOME! Lyricism lovers this one is for you just bars on bars on bars… There is reason why Eminem was my inspiration in rap his lyricism is untouchable as he is blowing away some current artists just dropping whats in his head. This is a 100% must listen! Shady goes last and the saying save the best for last absolutely applies as Shady murders it. Enough Said.

Timeflies Tuesday – Burnin’ It Down

TimeFlies got us like 0_0 with Cal on this new song where he is just killing it. Every Tuesday well maybe Monday some of that Magic is Made and ourdopetracks can’t get enough. The hardest working DUO in the hip hop/rap game even tho we see Cal singing all the time and well hes pretty damn good at it. This week we get their version of “Burin’ it Down” where Cals vocals literally can make those “girls feel like angels”.  They also bring us dope visuals of their lives and really bring us the fans into their world from cal in the studio, to them on stage, or even the team just goofing off. Stay tuned for more and more Timeflies they are not going anywhere any time soon so enjoy, support, and encourage them!

Calvin Harris – Outside [Audio] ft. Ellie Goulding

What a combo as Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding bring us more of that Eargasmic take me away type of track. Where you are just hit right in the ears with that amazing voice of Ellie, which is only accompanied by that dope beat creation of Calvin Harris! These two could make a hundred plus tracks together and every one would be absolutely amazing, because when Magic meets Magic guess what your only gonna get more magic. The song is expressing the feeling of having escaped and now being on the outside looking back in. It allows her to be able to explain, and to show a strong and positive side, which is then mimicked by the sounds and tempo. Give these two a must listen on  anything their names touch because it’s guaranteed to be dope!

SoMo – Or Nah (Rendition)

Somo finally bringing us the track we have seen so many people requesting him to sing, and well he kills it. On point, as he adds his unique voice and twist to a hit song and toast this one up to the ladies. As Somo drops the “Or Nah” rendition that is a so called “get your girl wet” type or track content to the amazing vocals. He somehow always knows how to tweak a song in such a way to make it his own time after time. For example taking a hot song and making it hot again is hard, but not  when you can sing like Somo. He can match any style and take it re-work it and BOOM magic happens time after time again. Somo has been keeping his music dope and on point lately with these renditions.

Logic – Buried Alive

Logic is one of my favorite rappers as he himself even states  that he has OCD while writing. And well for rappers lyricism and flow is key to success and the way logic handles it from song to song is always on point. Then you get that crispy producing from the visionary team as always which logic being a big part of the production process. This track “buried alive”  covers Logic’s current feelings that are currently running threw his mind. He also touches down to all his fan base sub sections, with fast flows, slow flows, party songs, catchy songs, hard rap songs, and radio rap songs. He carries his dream of music, and events in his life and turns it into lyrics and rhythms that people can relate to. Always killing since the first time i heard Logic I was hooked hes just so smooth in all categories of the rap/hip-hop game as he continues to murder every song he touches.