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Zedd – True Colors


Zedd Dropping us his new album which we already heard a sick peep up featuring one of our favorite artist Jon Bellion! We thought Derulo had a sick feature list man check out Zedd’s as he features other artist such as Bahari, Selena Gomez, Logic, Botnek,   Ambassadors,, Troye Sivan, and Echosmith! Together these artist make dope tracks as Zedd is notorious for bringing upbeat move you body electronic beats and then you add in some amazing rappers and vocalist and this album is about to blow you away! Every song is a must listen as this album is dope but our personal favorite is “Transmission” just the vibe it gives off with a sick hook, a beat produced by Zedd, and then dropping into Logic bars LIKE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE alert get ready to stop, drop, and roll and keep the track on repeat! Support Zedd and the other artist by picking up this album here!

Check Out The Track List and Features Here:

1. Addicted To a Memory
2. I Want You To Know
3. Beautiful Now
4. Transmission
5. Done With Love
6. True Colors
7. Straight Into the Fire
8. Papercut
9. Bumble Bee
10. Daisy
11. Illusion

Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4 (Full Album 2015)

Jason Derulo drops his new album called “Everything is 4” full of tons of dope songs and dope features! This features include  artist such as K. Michelle, Meghan Trainor, Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Matoma, and Julia Michaels! Along with cranking out some dope originals such as “Want To Want me which was a pre release off of this album and “Try Me” which featured Jennifer Lopez & Matoma  which was also a pre release but are both sick tracks! These both contain his amazing voice and a move your body catchy melody! This whole album is dope and is something you need to give a listen if you have been a Jason Derulo fan since his first music tracks such as “Watcha Say” this album is for you so check it out and the playlist below! If you need this album support your boy and pick it up here!

The track list includes:

1. Want To Want Me
2. Cheyenne
3. Get Ugly
4. Pull Up
5. Love Like That (Ft K. Michelle)
6. Painkiller (Ft Meghan Trainor)
7. Broke (Ft Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban)
8. Try Me (Ft Jennifer Lopez & Matoma)
9. Love Me Down
10. Trade Hearts (Ft Julia Michaels)
11. X2CU

and can  be picked up here!

Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir – Found Your Love (Dub Edit)

Oliver Nelson and Heir working together to bring us a dub edit of “Found Your Love” which right off the bat you can feel the vibe your gonna get! And That vibe is another summer time jam and flawlessly blended vocals that make this track an A+.  This track is just too smooth all the way through so just find your love and play this jam so you dance all night! Reinforced by the hook that once you know you found your love make sure you don’t let it go. Even if that love is your passions such as music and I hope these two keep up their love for the music to bring us many more summer time Jams!

Mau Kilauea Ft. Sol – Holiday Romance (Original Mix)


Starts of slow with some nice vocals but then it picks up into a sick melodic track full of upbeat rhythms that match the vocals and make this track into a banger! Just gives such good vibes and that summer time feeling, this track makes me want to take a trip to Hawaii and Hula Dance… hahaha. Seriously though give this track a listen to this tropical house track about taking one chance on that girl and share that night with no regrets! So we hope you find some “Holiday Romance” during your summer vacations this year!

JAQUEBEATZ – Tour Bus – Feat. B.o.B & Jake Lambo


This Track is right down B.O.B’s Ally with “Tour Bus” as him, Jake Lambo, and JAQUEBEATZ  come together to talk about all the things that go down on the Tour Bus. For example they talk about the amount of “white women” that come on the bus along with all the drinking and smoking they do. That the tour bus feels like that spring vibe the entire time! Just one of those tracks in that Hip Hop/Rap style where the artist just having fun with the bars rather then dropping that real shit or them party anthems. Had me laughing as the Chorus is literally “Hella White Girls On The Tour Bus” B.o.B’s verse was Dope AF tho so had to post this up.

Alesso – Sweet Escape ft. Sirena


Alesso bringing us that Fuego… yes yes STRAIGHT FUEGO on this new track Sweet Escape! Another upbeat summer track which utilizes amazing vocals from Sirena and perfectly mixed into the instrumental for a balance of straight amazing-ness. The smooth hook leads you right into the drop which takes your ears and body for a travel as it makes you wanna dance a move your body again again every time you here this track. Lets be honest we all need that “Sweet Escape” of Summer time and nothing can stop us from cranking this track and partying this summer! So Lets Go, and Keep It Dope!

Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma – Try Me

Some dope singers come together to drop this track “Try Me” full of some sweet melodies and great vocals. That you need that significant other to “try you” and give you that chance cause you know you would be perfect together. That typical way you wish you could tell your crush just sing it to them so perfectly to just make them understand all them feelings in your head! This song is on point to describe that girl or guy your thinking about and just need the opportunity to show them you can be everything they want! Bring that into this summer time vibe and feeling of the instrumental they brought into this magic track we can play on repeat!

Dom Rosenfeld & ENZ – Something About You


Bang Bang another Summer Jam dropped by Dom Rosenfeld & Enz with “Something About You”. This track brings us that groovy summer time vibe followed up with an amazing chorus that has lyrics which mimic the summer time groove! Safe to categorize this song into some house with amazing move your body melodies that can keep you dancing all day or night long. These artist are onto something and we hope they keep cranking out jams like this time after time again at there new home with Casual Jam Records! Support them and purchase this track from ITunes here and stay tuned to OurDopeTracks for more dope music like this!

The Weeknd – Often (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo Killing “The WeekEnds” song, yes yes we get often in that wonderful Somo style. Yet another bang bang rendition that keeps us coming back for more. This style just brings all are favorite songs into a whole new genre for those who don’t enjoy hip hop and rap can still get a taste of the magic. Somo knows how to bring us to the other side of the spectrum and we honestly think he could take any song made from Eminem, to T-swift, and even to a Linkin Park Genre and still make us that ear pleasing on point magic! He has been dropping this free music for his entire career and shows no signs of stopping any time soon, and that is some dedication. Along with that it shows his love for the music and we hope he makes this magic til the day he hits his tomb.


Machine Gun Kelly rapping on the couch.

This dude MGK, Just chillin on his couch piecing together lyrics off different random pages he din’t use for in any of his current tracks. The amount of hours as an artist you spend just chilling and vibing out pooring emotion into something only the people in the room are gonna hear is endless and countless. These moments  usually end up  in something legendary like this and is always something you wish you had on camera well luckily someone got this on camera! Just that real shit, that real voice and no editing at all and still murdering tracks. Now I know MGK got OurDopeTracks as fans because you can’t deny his love for the music, the passion and the work he puts in is all 100.